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Steven Kings The Stand

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Seems racist with the old lady acting like a stereo typical church going christian but i wont get into that.


In a post apocalyptic world do you think this movie is a pretty accurate portrayal of whats going to happen?


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    Im'a have to watch this movie again, when i was a christian and was scared to death of the bible was the last time I seen it, i need to watch it again and see if I feel any different about it.

    I dont think it'll be that balance of good and evil though in a post apocalyptic world. At least not the 🤬 worshippers and devil riders as he portrayed. I dont believe in the biblical 🤬 but I'd still try to make peace of everything. But to survive in those times you would have to 🤬 and such to make it. If it did happen I know some of these Christians I would deal with quickly, when times are like that I'd rather have people around me willing to put in work and physically do things to start new communities, to obtain food, to protect the towns we built etc... I dont need someone in a corner praying for gods help when theres 50 guys outside the gates strapped up.

    Plus if apocalyptia ever came, alot of so called christians would show the truth of what we as humans are. We are survivalist, we are programmed from birth to instinctively do what we can to survive, very few will be able to throw aside instincts for their faith in something that put them into such a 🤬 up situation. You know as well as I do a very large number people potray to be christians just for that safety net in case the bible is right. When their life is on the line though and they have to be willing to do whatever neccasary to survive without 🤬 they would, Id garuntee you half of them would end up on the evil side also going around killing and robbing to have excess rather than gathering and building communities.
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    This movie is painful to even watch, 10 minutes and I was done...