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Redux: Pu##@ Poppin by Ludacris

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Take a listen to our song right here. A little 2 minute remix.

Tell me what you think. Be brutally honest!

Tryin' to grow as artists. lol

If you like that song...here's one more for you to enjoy.

Have a great life right now! Live and love. :)


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    Checked back. I'd like to invite again. Truly, any and all feedback and criticism (constructive or otherwise) is welcome.

    It's all about growth and creativity to me. Thanks in advance. :)

    Oh, I forgot the lyrics...

    this is Redemption...that means no song is an exemption
    we take a beat, rip it, sew it tighter for more retention
    No probihibition, no inhibitions, and no prevention
    salute!, There's officers on deck, stand at attention

    no mutiny on the ship, and no dissention
    we got the ease for yo disease, relieve yo tension
    Got wisdom and inner peace on heavy pension
    the lyrics are medicinal, man, heavy suspension

    Gotta give it to my brother from another mother, and I'm talkin bout Luda,
    My dude be tipping, never trippin, rippin like a barracuda.
    To my people that get that gouda, cause you got those mouths to feed
    to my people that blow that buddha, so you don't cause mouths to bleed

    You know, you know, hey it's crazy out there, mane
    People bustin, there's no trustin', it's hazy out there, mane
    Little lost females looking out for that gravy train
    All because they never had a daddy to be there, mane

    But same thang goes for the brothas...pain in the heart, and sorrow for the mothas
    hating self, and hatin' all others...heart been closed like bedroom shuttas
    Epidemic, I mean a tragedy.
    Take a walk through the hood, No Andy or Ann, but it's Raggedy

    Where is the sanity? I don't know but I know it goes
    Where's the humanity? I don't know but I know who knows
    The Holy One Upstairs. The One who really cares.
    When friends and family turn away, he's the one who stares

    into the eyes of the soul, tells us we're beautiful.
    Coming to us sensitive and tender as a cuticle
    Doesn't matter what you've done, your precious in Heaven's Eyes
    Creator will never stop loving you...even if Heaven dies...


    even if Heaven dies...
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