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The Grey Area Produced by Kil

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My name is Kil and I'm a producer outta Philly currently living in Maryland. Last year I went through some hoopla with MOP for production credit for a song "Rude Bastard" off of their "Foundation" album. Since that situation I've been blessed to work with a lot of dope mc's and have completed beats for 5 albums worth of material for them.

The first offering I have up to bat is my man Vegas'from Brooklyn album "The Grey Area". Vegas and I met @ Morgan State when I used to host the hip hop show @ WEAA 88.9 and he took the show over when I retired from it. It's available for free download via his bandcamp website so PLEASE take the time to download it, check it out and if you dig it pass it along to more hip hop heads. Post about it out your facebook, tweet about it on twitter and ask your followers to retweet, etc. Again, only if you feel it. We just want to get more good hip hop out there for heads! As always, good looking!



Mess with MOP's "Rude 🤬 "? Get @ me for some heat...