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Hav you ever thougt about startin your own religion?

TimroD Confirm Email Posts: 1,685 ✭✭
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i mean what do you really need to start a religion?
and was christianity the only religion that started of with its own messiah?


  • TX_Made713
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    Scientology, etc

    already being done
  • LordInfamus
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    You seen the Fam Guy episode when Peter tried to start the religion of the Fonz.
    KLICHE Members Posts: 5,061 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I actually said to my sister some time back, hey i should start a religion or be a guru, had long hair, no hair cut in 2 years and said if I wore an orange robe or something could just do it.. she laughed and said, you'll go to hell for that.. I said what about the financial gain, don't have to work a real job, get funded, and she said again you'll go to hell for that and we just laughed lol
  • Rock_Well
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    Thought about it before. If I was up for taking on the curse of the gospel of 🤬 I'd probably do it.

    I'd much rather slide down a razor blade sliding board though.

    Anyways, starting your own religion isn't hard at all. People do that all day.
  • theillestrator
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    i thought about it as a way to make some bank, but never thought about it again.
  • ThaChozenWun
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    Made a push for Ollieism, (The gospels of Lord Kevin Ollie for those unaware of our one true 🤬 ). Had the Quollie written and everything, waiting for the publishing company to OK it. Next step is to get a license to open up a Kevin Ollie church.