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So I read the Slim Thugga Threads today and I realized something...He was right.

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None of you people, men and women , want to admit your own faults.

Women are in the thread throwing statistics up that make no sense (i.e. interracial marriage and dating (which really aint change since the beginning of time)) to just going off at the mouth all reckless about how black men aint 🤬 ...which validates the man side and slim thug side of the argument.

You then have men who want women to be subservient/ independent... and not accept the pros/cons of said reaction. Then the bad choices they have made in the beginning of their lives rears its ugly head, and say women aint 🤬 ... and it just validates the womans side and part of the slim thug side of the argument.

Oddly enough, this both goes out to what Sim Thug said...that men and women need to be more real with each other. Which was his point. He just put it stupidly, and you all don't care to actually see the big picture.


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