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Who can make 10 to 20 calssic albums in a rap career?

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I am 29 and hip hop has been around my whole life. I am not a huge fan of the current rap scene but I enjoy a few new dudes, Jay Elec., Drake, Wale, Cudi, J. Cole, Nippsy etc.

Do the rappers that were on top between 92-2001 not realize that you can evolve with your listeners? I think they get caught up in the hype and once they not VIP anymore they lose that passion or something.

I think the 25+ crowd really only cares about the music and the image not as much, cause we can see through the fake 🤬 .

If Hip Hop was to have long standing acts like Rock music we need good music as the foundation and I think you can love hip hop forever and not feel like your trying to be young. Jay Z is proving its possible to stay relavent without changing who you are musically. Experimenting is good like Rebirth and 808's and heartbreaks, it shows the culture's growth.

Are there any artist today who you think could have like a 10-20 classic or solid album career and even if it's not chart topping (ie., SALES) hold it down for a long career and not get looked at as played out?

My 5 would be:

Andre 3K or OutKast
Ice Cube

There are other but thats MY list.

Holla at me.



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    I don't think an artist can make 10-20 classics but I agree some artist are able to stay relevant. It's about experimenting as you said, try to mix their style with the new sound without it becomes to corny and when you take chances as an artist like that it's usually a hit or miss, therefore I don't think an artist can have that many "classics".

    I would like to add Ghostface and Scarface to your list.
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    Common, Blackalicious/Gift of Gab, Atmosphere, Lyrics Born, Illus
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    Truly classic 5 mic albums even the greatest are lucky to have 2 maybe 3.. but consistenly good.. that would be Jay-Z.. the only album i didnt give at least 4 mics to was Kingdom Come but other than that hes crazy consistent!!

    even the best usually have a good 5 year run in them before 🤬 changes sort of like Mike Tyson 1985-90.. the greatest and still fought for 10-12 more years but not dominant like once before you could say the same thing about Rakim one of the most heralded ever but he had a great window 1986-91 and never was that same 🤬 from that hot run!!! or Tribe Called Quest 1990-95 and there run!

    so anyway if the word is GREAT ALBUMS over time.. its rare because the scene changes so fast!!

    TI (getting there)

    it aint like R&B somebody like Mary Blige can keep doing her thing for years to come be like 60 and if she dont OD be like Patti or Chaka or Aretha still at it. Rappers dont last like singers hold up over time... here comes the next thing and you are out!
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