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The Bible and it's Revelations.

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Ironically, the Bible itself is the cause of it's own prophecies in revelations. I would say the Bible played a huge part in influencing the world to fall in what we call the 'end times' prophecies if this is indeed the 'End Times', which I prsonally believe it is. Not the end of the world, but the end of this era-way of life.

That's pretty trippy stuff if true. It reminds me of the Oracle in the Matrix telling Neo not to worry about the vase, and then after he breaks it, she says, 'What will really eat you up later is whether or not you would have still broke the vase if I never said anything about it.'


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    Same way I feel, all ancient peoples when speaking of end times never said the end of humans, but the end of an era. I have no reason to believe the bible writers would not have had the same thought based on the time they were written. It would be very very hard for humans to become extinct, overtime we are too good at adapting and evolving to become in sync with our enviorment. The problem now is, the next era wont be a period of physical transformation. I believe the end of this era will signal the need for mental evolution, something humans arent the best at.
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    It's definitely the end of times, what happens next, one can speculate. The amount of stupidity I see in people and in the media these days... definitely in need of a mental revolution, among other things. It took me almost 20 years to do research on the bible and revelations in relation to other cultures/religions. Seems to be the "end of the world" over and over again, when the prediction is wrong, another prediction is made. All the disasters this year and people waking up from blindness, I'm looking forward to changes.