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Shoulder Injury.

Lou Cypher
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I dislocated my shoulder when i was in highschool. Happened over and over, finally got surgery last january but recently its popped out again. Is there a workout or something that can help me get it stronger? I want to get in shape again but a lot of stuff i cant do now. my bench weight has gone down a LOT. sometimes when i do pushups i dont trust going down any farther because of the fear of it dislocating again. Youd think after so long it wouldnt hurt but no. it hurts bad everytime.

The other day i was opening milk and just twisting off the cap had me thinking i was gonna dislocate it. (this was after a fresh dislocation tho)


  • wmj710
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    Damn that sucks bro but didnt they send you to physical therapy after your surgery though You may just have to take it easy, I have a similar prob with mine but never got the surgery, the recovery time would of set me back to much. I can still lift fine and excersie I have to be carefully with certain moves, like reaching behind me and up above . I just have to whatch my form a little bit more.
  • Lou Cypher
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    Yeah when i put my hands on my head to breathe sometimes it feels like itll pop out. Its stupid. there might be some sort of brace i can use to help me out i dunno. i dont wanna go thru the surgery again. and at the hospital i go to its all free health care, so they dont do the physical therapy 🤬 . or atleast for my surgery. Dumb but beats having to pay for it.
  • BeesKneesQ
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    You need to do rotator cuff exercises to support and stabilize your shoulder. The muscles of the rotator cuff internally rotate(turn shoulder inward), externally rotate(turn shoulder outward), and abduct the shoulder(lifting arm out to side). To strengthen the rotator cuff, just grab some light weights (you dont need heavy weights) like 2-5 lbs weights, and perform these exercises

    1. External Rotation
    -Lay on the opposite side of your injured shoulder
    -With your injured arm at your side and elbow bent to 90 degrees, lift your forward and turn it outwards while keeping you elbow at 90 and arm to your side.
    -Bring forearm back down(towards abdomen)
    -do 3 sets of 15 to 20

    2. Internal Rotation
    -lay on side of injured shoulder with you arm in the same exact position mentioned above
    -bring injured arm up towards abdomen, then back down
    -repeat 3 sets of 20

    3. Abduction
    -sitting or standing with injured elbow bent to 90, raise arm out to side to 90 degrees(not higher than you shoulder)
    -lower and repeat 3 sets of 20

    start with light weights, then progress to heavier ones

    also lat pull downs and rows are also good for shoulder stability (they strengthen the scapular stabilizer which work with the shoulder) but do them at a light weight. There are probably other exercises you can do but it depends on how you dislocated your shoulder (anteriorly vs. posteriorly)

    hope that helps, if it doesn't, just google ROTATOR CUFF EXERCISES
  • Madbeats
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    You definitely need to strengthen it and train it so it heals. Go back to the doctor to see if you have more tears or scar tissue in the way of healing. If scar tissue built up around it then it won't ever heal properly.
  • Lou Cypher
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    Thanks guys ill try these out
  • dc's teflondon
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    damn son...your insurance don't cover physical therapy.....i dislocated my 🤬 in high school twice the summer before my senior.....got surgery and was out for 6 weeks then started rehab and was playing in the conference opener in january....are you sure it popped out because you might have just tore through the scar tissue which feels the same way as a dislocation
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    swimming also helps as well as the exercises BeesKneesQ mentioned they work, been that route torn my shoulder up playing football had to start off with light weight and work my way back up