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WTE Anthem

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Years in the making
creating and debating
sedating the masses
by accumulating messages
something you can relate to
spiritual, government, and radical
we got it all from old to new
the epitome of how to do poetry
we design the blueprint
label the plans out
lay out the perfect plot device
for those to ignite in a uproar
explore the minds of madmen and find
the reason to why poetry is at a high degree
reality sets in mix with medicine to cure the weak
give insight to the blind leading the blind to self righteousness
blessing in disguise within the words of pure beauty
nothing change just different players igniting the flame
from pain and agony of living in the slums
or pain and despair from living life on the run
literally staring emotionless in front of the barrel of the gun
and those emotions unfold onto the pen and succumb
to the passion of the almighty WTE
where its all about being against the grain
and poetry becomes a way to sustain and maintain


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    this was nice tribute to WTE real p..

    2008 I became immersed in waiting to exhale
    the forum giving me the feel of chronic inhale
    Writing about all my life's mispells
    Even my first loves lost
    rolled with the big homie from the bay aka BFG
    chilled like the drink VSOP, can't forget shiimie ya'll shiimie yay..
    posting with poets like real poet, and jay prizzy
    We all express our triumphs, pain, and misery
    At one point it was like flea market full of spam fuckery
    Making the forum of speactators feel mockery
    and as i type I'm quenching my thirst of strawberry daquri
    Expressing myself here like I just been hit by flying daggers
    Not throwing punchlines but a few jabs and yes we did a few collabs
    romo4sho hittin us with a battle of poetry freestyle
    and I was feeling that style making us go buckwild
    To bad he didn't stuck around for awhile
    now the vibe is looking a little mildNew poets surface in 2010
    like that catthatdidntdie, chozen, and blackroses
    while I'm tryna avoid writing to much proses
    but my mind is paused and stuck like its frozenAnd I'm not tryna be moses just reflecting on WTE doses..

    🤬 was off top like usual.. Lately I've just been coming up off top without puttin much thought.. But ya'll know this slam is whats sought so let's not let it rot
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    Waiting to exhale is like dead dead...
    I birthed many poems,
    freely expressed it here,
    not there nor over there
    but here..

    (short hiku)