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INSTRUMENTAL KEYSTYLE-TOPIC IS: BP *instrumental is: Outkast-liberation*

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had to do it

heres the beat -you know the deal, change the 🤬 's to tt's


children swimmin knee deep in soil
texas T shirts of BP oil
fish taking detours
tryin to catch flight on a pelicans melted wings
BP stands for BAD PEOPLE out for the Celtic green
and we?
we are patiently waiting for Asia or Haiti to repay a favor
instead of helpin ourselves
we just blame others
well...its mainly cuss words and customer complaints
you can google it
oh...no you can't
BP has their hand in everything
now you can see your reflection in the water like a mirror frame
we 🤬
but litter our very own planet
true definition of Tragedy
we 🤬 at their company
cause a scene
rile up some people
then stop at BP and fill our tank up with their gasoline
so please
watch where you place your blame
I'm sure if you were in their shoes..you'd be doing the same thing
abusing the planet
turning her inside out and 🤬 her soul
its not just those bad people who 🤬 the blue
hmmm reminds me of a movie I saw
you have a part in it too
so in the end

its also your fault.

this 🤬 is big, we're quick to help other countries but we don't help ourselves. "OH MY 🤬 ..DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED HERE _______??!? LET ME DONATE!!" but instead its "DAMN BP 🤬 EM" and then go about your day. We brush that 🤬 off like the war goin on right now, life goes on and it doesnt affect me, well GUESS WHAT-"OUR EFFECT" its infecting us. We're killing our planet-🤬 littering, PICK somethin up, YELL at someone that does it-its not just the big companies 🤬 us up-put us all together and its 15 billion times that ya dig?!?

this beat/song always gets me amped

just gotta let this 🤬 out-I'm done now


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    gawddamn vsop...you just don't know how eager i was to drop something on this 🤬 ...you let it be known 🤬 BP

    i got ya thoe

    🤬 ass 🤬 pushing the blame
    on the beauty of the planet
    taking aim and skeeting dramatically
    gulf can't take it so it ignites tar 🤬
    camera crew focus on the big glob of it all
    faux news blaming the pres like hes in confident
    situation like katrina obama's 🤬 up is about to be witness
    fail to see cnn's point of view or msnbc regulation
    facing the tv I look at the lies and devastation
    deep in the thoughts i pour oil for the homies
    and toast to the 🤬 that keep saying they sorry
    poor kids wanting water but get texas tea
    poor families taking baths in a cesspool of death and disease
    at ease soldier and the underwater machines
    pumping up 🤬 to get a bit of it to take to the regime
    this is the audacity beyond the exclamation point
    the period next to the question mark
    literally answering the question of how the US feels about US
    bits and pieces of the pie is stale
    the boundaries of political agenda is exposed
    beyond the sea where fishes arose like sea food platter
    i'm flattered that the USA made the middle south a meal
    with all the trimmings and laziness that's concealed
    the robe is revealed to show off the truth
    that as long as you ain't apart of the issues
    you get the black tar boot
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    The true 🤬 , man is capable of anything
    flip side we built up only to destroy everything
    We already 🤬 a world up, dont change til we react in fear
    The time is now 20 infractions in the last 10 years
    The planet is crumbling
    Aint nobody doin nothin
    We need to change thoughts
    New Orleans outside watchin black rain drops
    They lied about the spill, we put a camera where the well is
    instead of fixin it they bottle up and try to sell it
    One cap could seal the 🤬 wake up and learn something
    but the cap will damage capitol and BP will earn nothin
    The president 🤬 up too, we dont need off shore drillin
    we need solar, hydro, wind power stop your killin
    All over greed and the hunger for wealth
    They dont respect what life is and the love for yourself
    And please people stop with the government is awful
    Cause we outnumber them and the planets fall is our fault
    Instead of buyin new nikes and goin after every car
    it only takes 3 dollars more to purchase energy stars
    No action most of yall grab your bible and ask
    the real ones out in the public, recyclin trash
    Quit payin 7 dollars for your plastic bottles
    buy a filter and a cup, see its us thats 🤬 up
    And truthfully the Earth will be fine, its us thats given up
    But I guess if we aint changin you might as well live it up
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    Solid choice of instrumental and topic... was really feeling this one.

    How long we gon’ sit here debating, waiting
    For this oil situation to come to a conclusion
    We need a resolution; our time is running out now
    People claiming ignorance like they don't know what it’s about
    Just cause people no longer dying, don't mean we can ignore the hurt
    Like seeds we were planted but now we tryna burn our earth
    Take off them rosy shades so we can finally see what’s real
    This spill, it kills, no longer about the drills
    It’s about the remnants that begin to fill
    Up our waters, contaminate our land and our air
    Animals living in fear, a state of despair
    All because the powers that be refuse to care
    Refuse to hear what the population is saying
    Murder in the first degree, for that, damn nation
    Can't let it go unnoticed, focus,
    We all a part of it, we all got the onus on us

    British Petroleum, get ya mind correct
    Stupidity by those who supposed to have the most intellect
    You incorrect to think that you can brush it under the rug
    Corporate thugs bullying their way through the crisis
    Faking hugs, blowing kisses hoping congress likes it
    Can't fool the masses, can't hustle the true g's
    Shed a tear when I see what you did to our blue seas
    Why is it that y'all cannot see?
    This is bigger than you and me, bigger than saving corporate face
    Bigger than any individual that makes up the human race
    This land, we all share it, one we must cherish
    Cause it'll be what's left once we all perish
    But all you see are share prices, dividends and returns on investment
    You don't need a PR rep to answer my questions
    It's simple compassion I'm testing, do y'all even understand?
    Maybe if we bought some stock then you'd start to give a damn

    The government is giving speeches, Obama sits back and preaches
    But the words fall on deaf ears, the message never reaches
    The ones in control don't take action,
    Minimizing market losses seem to be their only reaction
    It's been two months, thousands of gallons per day
    Flowing into our oceans, being "wasted away"
    What's the prerogative? We're losing 'em
    He's flat lining, about to die, what the 🤬 did you do to them?
    Covered in that black, a shadow of his old self
    Stuff sells like gold but there's nothing like his old health
    That's two birds, one stone, a few mistakes, a broken home
    Imagine being rained on by a substance so unknown
    Feels like you're drowning on the inside
    Pain so surreal you almost wished that you did die
    On that day the sky went up into flames
    And everything you knew and loved was stolen away.
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    damn I forgot about this thread

    each one of yall killed this topic-i might hafta head back out to the beach and see more tar 🤬 to get 🤬 and motivated to write some more

    🤬 big down here, fisherman outta work, tourism slow----so many animals dyin and the beaches....with white sand....are f*cked
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    man, I love the 🤬 that's being dropped right here my fellow poets!

    Ya'll hard to the core :-D

    Chozen, you killed it! Literally.. 🤬 all ya'll did..

    I'm mobile so I can't hear the beat but once I get to the notebook, I be checking for it and add my stance on BP.