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Final Fantasy 13-2 Xbox 360 exclusive DLC revealed

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Square Enix has announced Xbox 360 exclusive DLC for Final Fantasy 13-2.

It is a weapon called Azrael, which can only be used by character Serah. Azrael is a bow weapon designed through collaboration between Square Enix and Microsoft.

The downloadable content launches on 7th February 2012 - four days after the release of the game - and costs 80 MS Points.

The official blurb on Azrael:

"This weapon is named after an angel who represents spirits and death. It is believed to possess the power to change the owner's destiny, and your Chain Bonus is upgraded when equipped. Serah alone has the ability to wield this legendary weapon. The player can obtain this weapon from Chocolina merchants, from Episode 2 onwards in the main game for 80 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360. Only Serah has the ability to wield this legendary weapon."

A trailer showcasing the weapon is below, alongside some nifty screenshots.


  • Grahf
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    I'm surprised but it got a perfect score from Famitsu. That on-rails 🤬 was plummeting my interest in FFXIII, I know this sequel has more exploration. But where the hell is Versus?!!! Just give me Versus and Last Guardian and a Chrono sequel and I'll be happy.
  • Lou Cypher
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    Im excited for this game. I couldnt get into XIII that much but it wasnt a horrible game, the battle system was dope. Characters king of sucked, i only like Lightning Sazh and Hope. And Fang. this one is supposed to be a Dark game too, i always liked those Final Fantasy's more. Probably would prefer a whole new game instead of a sequel to this.