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The Book of Donkey

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…I head west, trying to protect the very last copy of Donkey, which contains blueprints to what it once was. While stopped in a small town, word gets out that a stranger is in town and may have the secrets to a successful Donkey forum… What transpires after that… well let’s just say, if you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be reading this… I’m at a bar, trying to get a glass of cranberry juice, no vodka, before I continue on my journey. Out of nowhere I’m snatched backwards, all I can hear is wings fluttering a million miles per minute and I look down to see…


All I can think to myself is “oh 🤬 !! Hummingbird!” I quickly snatch myself from her humming like grip and square up, for I know it’s about to go down. She jabs at me with her beak, I feint left and let loose a thunderous left hook that knocked her herpes into remission. She gets up off the floor, reaches into her feathers and throws away her bottle of valtrex. She 🤬 rushes me and I attempt to sweep her but am knocked against the wall under the durability of her cankles. I spit up blood. She rushes me again. This time I do a front flip over her, throw bald eagles at her head while in the air and land, administering a hadouken that would have made Ken and Ryu envy me.
Her wings gets blasted the 🤬 off but to my astonishment, they grows right back. Now I don’t know what to do as this 🤬 seems indestructible. Then… a bright idea. I call the cops. When they arrive, she lays down and she spreads them (her legs) as she has been through this 2 times in the past before. While the cops snatch her up off the ground and arrest her, I make my way out the back door and continue on my journey to get The Book of Donkey to the newbies, as Donkey’s future depends on it…

-disclaimer- This post was in no way intended to hurt or cause harm to those who may or may not be offended by it. If anyone is offended by this post, please contact me so that I may censor myself in an attempt to reconcile any previously irreconcilable differences. Thank you-