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Your Most Valuable Book or Collectible And How Are You Comics Arranged

Maximus Rex
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I was on a site that sells vintage comics, 🤬 like Action Comics #1 (Supes first appearance,) Detective Comics #27 (The Batman's first appearance). Most of my comics aren't worth a lot of money. I'm a fanboy first, an investor second. However I do have one valuable book which is Amazing Spider-Man# 300 which is the first appearance of Venom. This book in mint condition is going for $1150-$1250. Seeing these prices is enough to pique my interest enough get my copy appraised. I'm not going to sale it, I just wondering how much it's worth.

As far as arrangement four long boxes. One long box dedicated to Action Comics. One current series long box, two canceled series long boxes. One short box for miniseries and annuals, and one dedicated short for G.I. Joe.


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    I have that same issue. Actually, Venom's silloutte/shadow debuted in AS #298. His full appearance was in AS #299. I have all three stored in a mylar cover. I didn't know it was worth that much cash, though. Gonna have to check and see how much all three are worth.
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    Bump as par Mindbender's request.
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    🤬 Bruh i got a ton of #1 issues

    Ms. Marvel
    War Machine

    Iron Man #300
    I got tons of 🤬 and I dont even collect anymore. 🤬 hits the pockets too recklessly. i'll dig for some back issues every once in a while.
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    Like I posted in another thread on here before, I have The Mighty Thor #337 (1st appearance of Beta Ray Bill).

    I was hype as Hell when I discovered that it was signed by Walt Simonson, the Thor artist at the time and Bill's creator.

    Matter of fact, I have that four issue arc where he and Thor fight. These two are 2 of the GOAT covers, IMO.

    [img]http://i.annihil.us/u/🤬 /marvel/i/mg/c/60/4bb5cd6927cf0/detail.jpg[/img]

    [img]http://i.annihil.us/u/🤬 /marvel/i/mg/5/90/4bb4ff0221713/detail.jpg[/img]

    As u all may know, the X-Men have always been my favorite title; most of my collection consists of X-books 1st and Avengers 2nd.

    @Shenco - I have this one in MINT condition and I had no idea that this joint is worth a small fortune:


    Right now, the comic book investor/comic book collector in me is thinking about swinging for the fences and purchasing a few of these issues from offa eBay:


    (I can't afford to get this Avengers book in mint/near mint or very fine condition, though. I did see some GOOD graded copies for fairly decent prices. This book would probably be my MVP if I could ever cop one.)




    Definitely leaning towards these two, though:



    Waiting on this one to come in the mail any day now:

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    I have mine organized by favorites. Thor surfer warlock books first then hulk supes Marian manhunter black bolt wolverine...world war hulk has the most replay value to me. Hulk was so emotional. When he carried black bolts carcass out to make an example I knew it was digital. Bolts scream did nothing to duke except blow his hair back! He pummeled folks. I really wish Thor would have gotten burn. It was also cool to see spider ranking the galaxy powers which ended with hulk being #1 after beating bolt and sentry.

    All my Infinity Watch books. X force. Wolverine and Adam Warlock are so slept on as far as their planning and ability to beat better opponents. Also, avengers books where Cap is salty about something is always good. (Fear its self, the one where upfront captured spider women) Thor always has the. Best fights always
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    Yall lucky. I watch shows like comic book men and it makes me mad, wish i would have collected when i was a kid. I only got current 2011 titles. So im just crossing my fingers a new villain or hero will pop up in a book and end up being a big deal lol.

    Unfortunately i just have a big box (comic box you can stand them up in). I put them in sleeves but i dont have backs yet so they kind of are bent but the backs i get should fix that. I just organize them alphabetically, if they are one shots or mini series, they go in the back behind the X Men.
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    I've lost mad comic books over the years due to moving around and such.

    My current collection is in a mini-tub, most of the times its organized but because i'm a fanboy way b4 an investor(i've read all my number 1's w/ no 🤬 given) its in disarray now because I get nostalgic or forgetful and start re-reading 🤬 .

    Only makes it all the more fun when I re-organize though and put new 🤬 in.
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    The greatest satisfaction of these books being the most valuable in my collection is that I bought them when they were originally on sale. That was back when they used to sell comics in bodega, I had no idea that when I bought this book it would end up being worth $60.



    These books aren't worth a lot of money, but they have immense sentimental to me. G.I. JOE JOE #7 was my very first comic and it was given to me by my best friend D. G.I. JOE 43 was the first comic book I ever bought. I remember the day I bought this book and the store I bought it from. These books are like your first girlfriend, but only better. They remind me of more carefree time in life.
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    I got Xmen 94-96 Comic Book cars and Amazing Spiderman 🤬 from the same era, I'm trying to sell all that.
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    Im a fan not a collector.

    I own maybe five different books of like 5 or more issues that wrap up a story.
    I get my comics from the library and return them when I'm done.

    My favorite and I probably most valuable is the Eastman & Laird Ninja Turtle collection #1-3
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    Just copped this issue in near mint condition today. Came in the mail from ebay today.

    Wish Claremont and/or Byrne could sign it, though.


    Imma try to go back and grab all of the Dark Phoenix issues and #138 (Cyke leaves the team and Storm takes over in later issues).