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New 2 the site... Just trying 2 get feedback...

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Sup allhiphop!!!

the names L-m0... and i know the first thing thats gonna come to your mind is that little furry 🤬 from that 🤬 damn tv show we all know... well if you must know the names dates back 2 my Junior High School days... none the less.. its my name... i aint giving u guys gov't on here unless we become chyll... but if i make friends or enemys i just want feed back and a place to drop new music... Im new to this whole forums 🤬 so with this being my 1st post i figure y not throw that shameless plug hahaha....


thats the myspace.. thats where all my new music is usually posted... if u like my 🤬 post and let me know that 🤬 ... and if not... continue 2 be a hater and talk that 🤬 pleaseeeeee!!! I feed off that negative energy and it only makes me wanna go harder... so... listen to the mixtape... its about 5 months old... but im still gettin spins.. in my hood plpz stayyyyyyyy asking when we gonna hear more, what kind of 🤬 can we expect, when can we expect it... im just tryin 2 find a way 2 get my self in a position 2 network and work with the same dudes on the grind like me... so if u like my 🤬 !!! bump my 🤬 ... and im not one of them cocky ass dudes... be on here with there whole team like i run this 🤬 site... im humble as they come... so if real recognize real... then lets make some 🤬 happen... i got my OWN STUDIO 2!!! not being beat in the head 4 time... n i just do this 🤬 4 fun to be honest... im gonna say this tho... i know i dont suck hahaha...

check my 🤬 n let me know how u guys feel about... where can i improve and all that... peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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    If you spent as much time and effort typing a keystyle as you did in typing that essay, I think you'd be a dope MC. I won't delete your thread like I was about to do because I really appreciate your honesty and openness, but next time you make a thread, please read the rules before you do so, and give us your best keystyle for us to give you feedback on. Since I'm a mod now, I'll be able to clean up the forum so that it won't feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack when looking for something to give feed on. I'm going to close your thread, but I encourage you to read the rules and post a keystyle so that we can see just how dope you are.
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