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Hip Hop Cash Kings 2007-2011

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The top ten money makers in hiphop from 2007-2011

1.Jay-z 251 million

2. 50 Cent 216 million

3. Diddy 158 million

4. Kanye west 100 million

5. Timberland 81 million

6. Dr.Dre 80 million

7.pharell 76 million

8. Snoop Dogg 73 million

9. Ludacris 68 million

10. Lil Wayne and Eminem 66 million

These numbers are grossed. Let the hating begin IC.... oh yea, Birdman isn't listed and ever since he made those Forbes is ridiculous for not having me comments all of a sudden he gets mention. Well we've been watching Forbes for a minute and he definitely wasnt listed back then