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Jay-Z 🤬 Jim Jones' broad?

Rey Negro
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Anyway. Rumor was back in the day, Chrissy was a wild 🤬 . 🤬 said Hov used to smash that...

I just caught this on "Allure". 8 years later and the line finally made sense...at 2:15

"All the Chrissy's in every city and Tiffany Lane's....We all hustlas in love with the same thing"


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    evidence is that google toolbar at the top of your browser. its funny how 🤬 can take jay z words on face value but need all of this proof about beyonce history of 🤬 🤬 .that uncletom navy cook is playing dumb. he is 32. he know about beyonce history in the 90s and early 00s before she met jay z. he just playing dumb for you 90s crackbabies. dont bring up about who hittin who if yall jigga warriors just gonna catch feelings and act like bey was somekind of 🤬 when she met uncle otis
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    usmarin3 wrote: »
    Ya'll 🤬 are weird as 🤬 , ya'll make these assumptions because people work together in the industry they must have 🤬 . I guess Luther Vandross 🤬 Beyonce too.

    Lol. I remember seeing a lot of publications and rumors stating they thought Mos and ole girl where fooling around. Like somebody stated before everybody has a past and has most likely gotten around in it.
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    ...MVP... wrote: »
    She just need to get rid of dat mole and she good!
    Fabs wife got a fat ass damn!

    as long as she doesnt gain any weight too .. shes two cheeseburgers away from falling off shape wise .... fabs girl = fat ... if she looses some of that fat she could be serious .... but thats all fat shes gaining shes two cheeseburgers away from having rolls when standing up lol ;)

    in all of the frontal picks chrissy and fabs girl are breaking a sweat trying to make that waist line look as thin as possible ... lol
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    Everbody got a past, but it depends on the details of that past whether its worse than another. If Jay-Z 🤬 Chrissy back in the day, then thats a bad look for Jim Jones because dude is his enemy. If Mos Def 🤬 Beyonce what does that mean? Its means another rapper 🤬 Beyonce. This ain't so much about "Jay won, Jay won" as it is about Jones lost. Other information suggests that Chrissy is Harlem's infamous 🤬 . Can't say the same about Beyonce....AND if y'all 🤬 can, then post some info, or make a thread dedicated to her too. Only reason I'm entertaining this thread and the one in the G&S is cuz a lot of the info is leaning against Chrissy's favor and the hilarity it ensues if true.