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Get Exposure Issues in Music Business

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Demo disappointment – It’s, indeed, one of the most common problem with every second struggler in the music industry. So what do you do when you just don’t get any response on your demo? You might choose to get frustrated on realizing that there is no one interested in your stuff or your demo is not at all worthy enough. Or you might decide to take a positive approach and believe that it takes time to get the right sample to the right person. A more pragmatic approach would be to figure out petty tribulations that might be there in your demo and make conscious efforts to put them right. There is a lot of information and guideline available on the net on how to improve you demo.

The other activities advised to handle such a situation are:
• Continue playing shows so that your profile keeps building up continuously.
• Aggressively pursue the press coverage of your shows.
• Stay updated on your internet marketing tools like your blog, Myspace etc.
• Maintain upgraded information in your promotion package about your latest activities.



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