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Best programming languages to supplement my major?

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Doing Comp Sci for my major and the concentration is primarily centered around Python and Java. Not really worried since I pick up 🤬 quick, although calculus 2 & 3 and discrete mathematics might prove interesting since Calc 2 is a notorious weed out class at my univ. So I'm thinking of teaching myself some more languages so it might prove useful in landing a job post-graduation. What do you guys recommend? I've done some research but all I get are different answers. Some say C...some say C#...some say C++. I've heard plenty say Perl and Ruby will help. Any insight would be appreciated.

And why do software developers and architects get paid a grip more in Cali than on the East Coast? I thought Silicon Valley imploded a decade ago. All my friends got recruited while still in college and landed nice plum jobs but over here, you gotta go seek the employers. Read some articles about how Stanford grads with absolutely no experience are being offered close to 115k starting. SMH I thought experience is king...