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Real rhymin

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Yo whats up yall this is my first post. Homies call me K-show and I wanted to drop some bars for yall that I think are appropriate for the times we livin in. Please check it out and give me feedback, I just rap for fun but appreciate criticism be it good or bad! I know its long but please read it through. It goes well to the beat of "Quiet storm" by Mobb DEEP (thats waht I hear in my head when I wrote it). Anyways...

Its a cold world people livin devilishly
From the trade centers more recently Haiti
People dyin mothers cryin aint no hope in sight
Probably, why these kids over dose in the night
Suicide rates risin and they wonder why
People givin up hope and wishin that they'd die
Life balanced out but in the end its never fair
Equal balance of good and bad you get no where
You just stuck in the middle just bidin your time
Makes me wonder why I even bothered writin this rhyme
I guess I gotta stay with it give a sacrifice
Give of myself so that others can enjoy their life
I'd be lyin if I never thought of suicide
All hope is lost and tears flood my eyes
How come, we pray for long life and health
But when times get bad we wanna blast ourself
I often think about the future when my parents are dead
I start to tremble so I push the thought out of my head
I gotta maintain try and neva eva forget
Make them proud so that they don't have to die with regrets
This year thought that everything was gonna fall through
Got started on drugs and didn't know what to do
Snortin up fat lines of Oxycontin
Life's competitive gave up all hope to win
Unlike Martin Luther I forgot my dream
Almost an addict, started feindin for the morphine
Thats when my buddy put me on to this drug called Fent
Smoked the gel and this stuff got you crazily bent
One bad day almost threw my life away
Never forget, that near fatal Saturday
I came home sniffed some Oxy try to take off the edge
Not thinkin that night I just might be dead
I was stressed from life not knowin what was next
Smoked some Fent just so I could try and get some rest
I remember sittin in my chair 1 in the morn
Smoked up 10 hits instead of my usual 4
Watchin South Park thats when I began to nod
And my breathing almost stopped thats when I prayed to 🤬
And I asked Him to let me make it through the night
And if He could do that, then I'd make everything right
I started pukin out my guts for an hour or so
All alone almost let myself collapse to the floor
Took some Dexedrine to try and start my heart again
Thought my life would end, but it really began
I stayed up all night too afraid to sleep
And when the drugs wore off I was consumed with grief
Thats when I realized 🤬 gave me a second life
And I promised myself to go and make things right
Like I told you before this where my life begins
And I started focusing on reconciliation
With my dad and my sister went and made things right
And I hope it stays that way for the rest of my life
You don't cherish your life until your faced with death
When your on your bed strugglin to fight for breath
Now my outlook is rearranged 180 degrees
Try to give of myself so that people can see
There's some good in this world worth fightin for
We should be fightin for peace instead of fightin for war
I dedicate this to my mom for everything she's done
And hope that in the end she will be proud of her son

BTW "Fent" is Fentanyl, an 🤬 stronger than heroin. JUST FYI!