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Dana White says "yes" for Brock to possibly head back to WWE

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By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

With Brock Lesnar retiring from mixed martial arts after his loss to Alistair Overeem last Friday night at UFC 141, the obvious question became whether or not he'd make a return to the WWE.

UFC President Dana White initially wasn't sure the exact details of Lesnar's contract with the UFC, and wouldn't commit to a yes or no on whether Lesnar would be allowed to go to the WWE at the post-fight press conference. However, catching White slightly inebriated on his way out of a Hollywood bar on New Year's, a fan on the street filmed White and got a direct answer to that question.

"Yes," White responded in a video posted online by Pop Candies TV when asked if Lesnar could go to the WWE. "Yes, he can go to the WWE."

There's not much more to it outside of that, with White adding that Jon "Bones" Jones is the next big star for the UFC to market when asked that question as well. Now, whether Lesnar legitimately wants to return to the WWE or not is an entirely different question, but if the money and the schedule are right for him, the door is open on the UFC's end.

Penick's Analysis: Lesnar's certainly not going to go back to pro wrestling on any full time basis, and if he does return it may only be for a one-off match and payday, but there aren't any hurdles for him to get around if he does decide to make that move. He has said in the past he'd be open to returning if the money was right, and if the match was right, and there's been baseless speculation he'd return as early as this year's Wrestlemania, but I don't know how realistic of an idea that is. Regardless, if Lesnar wants to return to the WWE, he can, now it's on him.


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    SMH @ 🤬 🤬 , lol

    I gotta admit though, I'd love to see Brock get back to in-ring shape and feud with CM Punk.
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    I don't know if i'd want to see brock come back. he hinted before if he came back he'd want to face taker at WM. thats if taker is even healthy enough to compete
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    The Jamel wrote: »
    if hershal walker can maintain his shape, then why can't brock? ye know?

    True. I believe he can, but the question is, can look like he did when he was "The Next Big Thing" without the roids?

    Because there probably would be a lot of pressure from WWE on him to look like he did in the past
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