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Was Friday ever skipped?

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Im sure everyone is aware of the saying "Thank 🤬 it's friday!".

Well why do we have to thank 🤬 for Friday? It comes every week it aint like its just not gonna come one day.

Perhaps if we stop saying it though and say "🤬 ... I hate you for Fridays!", Think of that huh. Maybe we could anger it enough to make it skip Friday all together. Think of the amazingness that it would bring!
5 days of school or work.... Forget about it, Waiting 4 days from Monday to get paid? Forget about it. We could all skip one day and hurry up and get to Saturday. That is the best day, sure getting 🤬 on Friday night is fun, but then you could even do that one day earlier!

I say those who complain about working those long horrible 40 hours a week all dismiss gods giving of your Friday that comes every week anyway, and start saying how much you hate. Maybe you could name the new day of the week? Possibility after possibility.

If that works maybe we can even curse the whole week and have it taken away, then our concept of time using days of the week would be gone, then you wouldnt even have to work!