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Number 1 Fan

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So supportive on my endeavors
and whatever the problem lies
within this shell of a man
lies a isolated spirit begging to be different
yet you nurture and care for such a fella
that never been with another
sending me to neverland on wheel provided by peter pan
man... you the epitome of what a true friend desire
a remarkable being unseen by the human eye
they used to dismiss you for your thoughts and solutions
called you phony and hurt you until the earth lies in ruins
fail to see such an amazing person and a friend in thee
beyond the point if they hate on you
i'm swinging for jaws
crushing 🤬 and echoing your name not in vain
but to remain in thoughts of many
together I shall never fall because you keep the training wheels on deck
respect the craft I mastered and never expect less
you see more in me and want me to explore my inner self
to release material beyond the masses that try to developed better work
far from the typical persona that would not leave
why would thee if thee been riding with me since beginning of time
design blueprints and I start building
gave me a voice and people started listening
provide broke times with champagne wishes
caviar dishes and no disses from the misses
because the misses became a mistress into a witness
of the potential of my loving
you gave me the ability to love and see your potential
sure we may have squabbles and other issues
such as me not seeing you often
and me wanting you to come help me at desperate times
but as your words creates victory
you still love the dude regardless of my nay saying
come when the time is right
and help me write the words to say
that you are my number one fan
and the feelings are right back upon you