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One of my friends just pranked the hell out of me on FB. Is it serious?

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Aite make a long story short, i was out my friends late last night. We were discussing chicks to bring to a house party for the LSu game at my friend name Muhammad house. I showed him a chick that i was going bring from FB, as he looked through her pics, he took a lil minute doing so. 5 minutes later, i see my other friends laughing, but i thought it was 🤬 just to make me feel dumb which they always do. Next mourning i wake up, plently of 🤬 txt me saying" so do u like 🤬 now'?

I automactically check my FB status knowing what the cause was. My headline read "I love 🤬 " and plenty of ppl commented on my 🤬 thinking it was real. I had to come back and explain to be that I was hacked and didnt know it.

Is this massive L serious or something to just laugh about???? Pardon me im 🤬 lost right now, but im not to 🤬 about it cuz Muhammad is a typical College wild 🤬 who do wild 🤬 .


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    Any one with any sense would know you got hacked by someone. If they acting like its real they probly just in on the joke. They stay doing this to people at work that leave thier phones around or computers logged in.
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    It has 🤬 ppl in NO that actually believe and worship news form sites of Facebook and MTO, but some pple actually thought my post was relevant smh.
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    **doesnt have a FB post

    this is exactly why.. 🤬 can ruin your life

    glad im not in HS now wih that FB 🤬 everywhere... people can literally 🤬 your social life
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    i made a joke about getting alcohol poisoning on my FB status back in the day

    few minutes later, this one 🤬 friend-of-a-friend 🤬 took it all serious and blew up ALL my friends crying talkin bout i was dead and 🤬

    hours later 🤬 is callin my moms and job and 🤬 , EVERYbody 🤬 at me, and my New Year's Eve is totally ruined

    did i mention said FB status had smiley faces and other stuff that CLEARLY designated it as a joke? 🤬 that 🤬 🤬
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    Must be if you're askin us