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Petey Lee - "Consciousness (Pittsburgh State Of Mind)" OFFICIAL Music Video!

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edited January 2012 in Roc Tha Mic

[Verse 1]
They’ll never take me alive cause i’ma ride til i die/
And as long as i’m still breathing, i’ma keep my head up high/
I never aim to be the same, I gotta thrive not just survive/
You’re gonna have to take my life before you ever take my drive/
I walk with pride, it’s in my stride yet i’m on that humble vibe/
I remember times when mama cried, now I find her strength inside/
To strive and let 🤬 be my guide for I trust He will provide/
My generation on the rise, we’re that “Black & Yellow” tribe/
You can look into my eyes, right before I shoot to score/
And explore my sin more than a Slytherin gone Gryffindor/
For if love is war, we will endure cause I know it’s worth fighting for/
I’m brawling like a fallen angel kicking down Heaven’s door/
Hear my roar, girl if you make it rain then i make it pour/
And soar with you into the storm where hearts are torn and dreams are born/
And battle the swarm like infantry, i’m rattling from the intensity/
To unravel a legacy endlessly, I never gamble except with destiny!/
It”s just me against the world, that’s all I ever knew/
They say it’s lonely at the top but such a pretty view/
I see my dreams coming true with the courage to pursue/
Cause this life begins and ends with you/
The hardest thing for me to do was move on to something new/
And I know we don’t really talk like we used to/
But after all that we been through, i’m still here for you/
Cause my love begins and ends with you/
[Verse 2]
Bad decisions, good intentions, find the beauty in imperfections/
If mistakes are life’s lessons, all my bruises count as blessings/
My confessions are repressed and self inflicted upon my flesh/
For i’m conflicted with every breath, they draw me one step closer to death/
So I encrypted all my stress, scripted it by lifting it off my chest/
No longer afflicted by regret, now i’m addicted to success/
And i’m the best girl you never had cause I got my path, my direction back/
South Oakland that’s my habitat and we been through hell so i’m repping that/
Trapped in the lab, i’m cooking tracks and I rap like casting magic/
With a style more classic than Socrates on shrooms and acid/
Nas when he wrote Illmatic, Eminem as recovering addict/
And 2pac before the shots, tear drops and closet casket/
A tragic maverick, my heart’s the strongest muscle/
When i stumble I get up and run it back like a fumble/
If you don’t know my struggle, how could you feel my hustle?/
We pop “Guns and” drop “Roses”, “Welcome To The Jungle”

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