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Writer, Father Pens Open Letter To Jay-Z

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"As a father of a daughter myself, I know all too well the importance of protecting her innocence at all cost. This includes monitoring the music she listens to, the videos she watches, as well as the magazines she reads. Some of your music and the way that you have portrayed women in the past have been questionable at best, but none of that matters anymore. You are a part of my team now and that’s the father/daughter Team. And whether you are a millionaire or working a nine to five, we have one rule and one rule only: and that is to protect our daughters at all cost. You are a man of great power and worldly influence who has amassed a great fortune in the world of entertainment. While I don’t expect that to change, I can only hope that greater consideration is given when making a music video, or signing an artist that may not be as favorable to women."