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What the game really is missing.

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It amazes me that we're 11 years deep in a middle eastern war still hurting from the recession and will be for years to come....

and not one 🤬 mainstream hip hop artists has commented on this 🤬 . Or even alluded to it as part of a grand concept.

Wait Im wrong. I guess part of the greatness of MBDTF was that in some ways it did comment on current times. But you had to look for it underneath all the opulence and decadence that Kanye is known for.

See its kind of 🤬 like this that kind of makes me aggy at the notion of Drake, Wiz, Big Sean, Wale, Cole and Wayne being the "voices/representations" of my generation. 🤬 them 🤬 . How can you represent me if cant even comment on the world at large? Wayyyy more young 🤬 are waking up with student loans, in Afghanistan, or no job at all than worrying about flossing in a 🤬 range rover.

They won't talk about it though. It doesnt sell I guess. Or maybe they're just that out of touch. So much for it being the music of the people. "From the streets" and all that 🤬 .

BUt even if they did want to talk about it, Rap 🤬 are such 🤬 cowards. They'd never get out of their comfort zone enough to rap about it.

Thing is though, there's a precedent for personal, socially relevant records succeeding. Me listening to "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye is kind of what sparked this thread creation. For those who don't know, its highly considered one of the greatest albums of all time and was an unexpected commercial success.

So I guess im asking is where is the hip hop "Whats Going On" ? Not only would it be more relevant than ever...but I honestly theres a good number of people, A MARKET, out there waiting for someone to channel THE REAL LIFE struggles/emotion of people and none of that arbitrary 🤬 .


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    go watch the news, 🤬
    stop listenin to rap
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    go watch the news, 🤬
    stop listenin to rap

    I aint asking to be informed or educated bruh.

    I just find it a bit ironic that as street and authentic and of the struggle as rap claims to be....nobody wants to actually talk about the real struggles people go through. Unless its that romanticized street 🤬 that 🤬 like Boosie talk about.