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The Official MMA Thread: Alvarez TKOs Gaethje, Ngannou KOs Overeem, Holloway TKOs Aldo



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    Also didn't see anyone mention this but Marlon Moraes literally almost killed Aljamain Sterling tonight. He's the next Bantamweight champ in my opinion.
    No. Not yet anyhow.

    No reason he can't beat Dillashaw in my opinion, yeah he lost a coin flip decision to Assuncao in his first UFC fight but Dillashaw is 1-1 against him as well.
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    Robbie starting to look old. He’s even older than a dinosaur in the mma game, he’s like a single cell organism in the mma, 🤬 he may even be just a carbon molecule he’s been in the mma game so long.

    Dude tough as hell tho. I won’t be surprised if Dos Anjos 🤬 comes back hot tho.
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    Contact me if you wanna keep in touch with the MMA 🤬 . I occasionally stream events low key from someone else i know high key