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Do you think Kid Ink's new single "Time of your Life" is enough to get him mainstream

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I've been following kid ink for a while and the internet is definitely eatin this cat up.. He just hasn't reached the level where he needs to be in terms of the masses finding him.. What yall think about his new single? I think it's bad ass.. Should do well in teh clubs... Very interested to see where it takes him...

Do you think this is the track that'll get him to the spotlight??

(if you haven't heard it you can check it out here -> Kid Ink - Time Of Your Life CDQ)


  • ReturnOfMiyagiSwagg
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    This dude wack to me.
    he look like a he tried to be tyga and wiz khalifa in one person.
    his style is generic
  • netrmerica
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    Aw wordd. I think he does a good job with his production and hooks. He is definitely generic in a lot of ways tho. I can dig it.
  • blackbloc
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    kid ink i a cool kid , my homie brought him over to Toronto for a concert back in dec( 40k to put on the whole show, made 12k profit and was the same day and french montana's concert). he mad chill and smokes some nice as weed, but none of his songs sounded like hits or different from anything i heard before. i hope he makes it cause he puts in a a lot of hard work a deserve some success.
  • netrmerica
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    oh that's real. way tight.
    yeah i get what you're saying.. the only track i heard that should have been way bigger than it was is " i want it all ".. i think that's a pretty epic track..

    hopefully he gets what he deserves with this single... if he can get enough spins, ppl will start finding his other 🤬 ...