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Them "Sh*t that people" say vids are killing WSHH right now..

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Let me know what that phase is over so I can continue watching vids...


In other news this 🤬 look like the nestle quick rabbit. SMH


  • eternalmoney
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    But its a lot of other vids killing WSHH right now too.

    I do agree though, ORIGINALITY is an endangered species

    in these streets for the 2012.
  • tearjerker
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    who cares....Go grab your camera and go contribute or hush up...
  • Turfaholic
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    WSHH fell off when they started playin indie artist
  • BK Product
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    Yeah it was cool for like the 1 st 2 vids but they took it WAY too far now..... and who submits all them 🤬 asss videos man?
  • b*braze
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    if you watchin any videos from that site that dont feature some 🤬 shakin her ass you lost