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Kurt Angle: 'WWE Is Trying To Sign Me'

Idiopathic Joker
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Kurt Angle claimed over Twitter that WWE was trying to sign him for the Royal Rumble but that he was remaining loyal to TNA. Angle tweeted in response to a fan question about whether he'd be a surprise entrant:
"Nope! I'm Happy Where I Am. No Rumble for Me!!!!

"My Loyalty Is With Tna. Wwe Is Knocking On My Door, But I Won't Answer."

Of course, it is Kurt Angle speaking. Do you believe him?


  • VIBE
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    He's an idiot.

    He claimed Dana White wanted to sign him to a UFC contract and Dana said that was false.

    Angle is one of the highest paid on TNA, he isn't leaving. He's treated like a 🤬 . I would doubt the WWE is contacting him, but if they are I doubt he'd leave.
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    Why would he even entertain a restrictive WWE contract, when TNA basically allows him to do whatever the hell he wants?

    If he wants to take off to shoot a movie, he's outty.

    If he wants to be the champion, he'll be champion.

    If he wants to get 🤬 , start fights, crash his car, harass people, and do all sorts of drugs, while champion........he'll be allowed to do so.

    There is no way he's going back to WWE, where he'll fail his first drug test and be suspended faster than you can blink an eye, let alone, probably won't even pass the physical to make the contract legit.

    TNA is a safe house for broken down wrestlers with no rules. TNA is the real Legends House.