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Were your expectations met?

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When you finally heard that album you been anticipating. Or that collabo etc.

Most recently that J Cole album met my expectations Cole world was a really good album.


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    I see you got Jamaica spelled right finally.
  • southernmade
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    I didn't any expectations with Cole's album....I was just looking for dude to make me a fan.....Cant say I've gone back to listen to his older 🤬 but I can honestly say Cole World was a good album. Not great, nor classic....but a very good debut.....I'll check for his next album....

    I'm just hoping the 🤬 I'm still waiting on out out good albums.....They don't have to be "classic" but at least give me a good to great COHESIVE album and something to build on......we have to understand that not every rapper is going to put out Reasonable doubt or Illmatic on their first album......that's like wanting every rookie to be Jordan in his first year.....

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    I think Cole's best album is yet to come

    but yea Cole World met expectations. I listen to the mixtapes more

    and lol at Jamacia spelled right