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How long has grouchyduck been a 🤬 ?

OnePunch AKA Hey FelOnePunch AKA Hey Fel Members Posts: 12
edited January 2012 in AKA Donkey
look at this funnystyle 🤬 ..changing screen names because he's aknown 🤬 .....you still a 🤬 ...and a broke backwards ass 🤬 .....you scared of competioin...so you ban the posters talking bout yo 🤬 ...be a man once in your life and get off your knees 🤬 ass 🤬 ....you can talk 🤬 but can't take it.....ol bottom boy ass 🤬 ....you prolly scream like a 🤬 when you get 🤬 .....ban deez nuts!


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