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Petey Lee - "Tears In Heaven" Music Video (Eric Clapton sample)

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new music video directed by me! check it out dedicated to all our family & loved ones.. in our hearts always even when we’re busy away from home living our own lives. feedback much appreciated! if you got music, feel free to share and i’ll return the comment!

[Verse 1: Petey Lee]
Dear mom, it’s been a long time since I been gone/
I’m just tryna right (write) my wrongs, hear my voice in this song/
And home is where i belong cause your cooking is the bomb/
And i know you get up every morning just before the dawn/
Hold on, be strong and keep ya head up to the sky/
It’s a good day to be alive, your love will never let me die/
You taught me how to fly even with a broken wing/
And your sun (son) is gonna shine like when the tulips bloom in spring/
Cause i’ma king with a dream but it’s obscene how i got mad/
And was wrong to fight with dad cause i know it made ya sad/
If i had one wish, a reason to persevere/
I would give you back the heart that you’ve shown me all these years/
Through the laughter and the tears with a smile so sincere/
And you told me face my fears while singing in my ear/
Memories draw you near so i never walk alone/
I know ya miss your family too cause we’re out here on our own/
Just wanna have shown that i’ve grown to embrace your saving grace/
Cause no one can replace your warm touch and pretty face/
So if i fall two times, on my third i go harder/
Words from the oldest son of the youngest daughter/

Hey pretty flower, you blessed me with the power/
To see a brighter day after my darkest hour/
Like a meteor shower, your eyes glitter in the night/
Moonlight frozen like ice and that moment felt so right/
Let’s ignite/

directed by: Petey Lee (Unbreakable Spirit Productions)
instrumental produced by: BuboG BeatZ
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