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So I just seen the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

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She was tan, Brazilian features. Long hair. Slim waist. Thick ass. Amazing smile. I saw her while running on the running machine at the gym. I couldn't help but be enamored. It's not everyday where a woman beauty knocks me off my feet. It almost never happens and I have been with a lot of beautiful women.

While just doing my cardio I turned around and I noticed she was just starring at my ass. I didn't think nothing since it happen at previous gyms but whatever. Then I notice wherever I moved to, she followed. After a minute I decided to strike up a convo with her. We talked for about 15 mins. She told me she was a professional. I will withhold her profession. I was surprise since most professionals I know who do that are a little older. I assumed she was 24 since that how banging her face and body was. She was much older to my surprise. Seven years older than me. We end the convo. I asked her to be my workout partner for the time being. I told her I need the extra motivation which of course is 🤬 . I asked her does she come often? She says not much at this gym, I live in another city and I am here w/ my parents since she's doing house renovations to her own house. I was like damn. She probably easily makes six figures. She has her own house in this expensive ass area. Super beautiful and single? WTF is wrong with this picture. I looked for a ring. None to be found.

I get ready to leave only for us to strike up another convo. Nothing serious but she said she would love to be my workout partner even though she works better alone. Generally I would get the number and/or set up a date but with her range and my phone being in the car, I figured I needed to think this through. Anywho we both get to the gym around the same time. I know because I see the same people at the gym everytime I come. I am wondering though. What could be the issue and with me just moving and getting a new job. I took a lot less than market value since I really loved the company and their setup for me which has been everything we talked about in the contract but it's a far cry from what her salary is for now, but not for long. This is the first time in years I spoke on my personal life to the IC. Likely since 2006 in my college days. This one is tough. It's not like most and I have dated a woman older than me before but never one who was in a completely different tax bracket. Would it be wise to make a move? I am going to do what I am going to do anyway but I want to know the IC take or at least one or two people who have experienced something like this before.