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Birth control, Religion, and Men

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I'm sure many of you are aware of the on going discussion surrounding women's health and freedom of religion

Does it bother you that a congressional hearing on the subject had zero women?

It's just surprising to me that

1. You wouldn't have a woman present to discuss a woman's health issues

2. When you finally get a woman to speak, she's then called a 🤬 on national radio

And seeing how men on both sides of the issue are reacting, it makes me think that men for some reason think its their duty to tell a 🤬 , who, what, where, when, and why.

I feel like I'm in a time machine



  • Alkindus
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    Lol, come to Holland, 🤬 can get married, chicaz can get abortions it's all legal and it is far from the gutter, we're actually rich as 🤬 around here

    + religion and state are seperated/there are no real religious parties of importance here, don't have to worry about backward religious zealots etc, they are here but they are frown upon lol.
  • imnotyourbabydaddy
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    i find it hilarious the repubs did thattheyll feel the backlash at the polls. even more so to me the catholic and other crhistians speak on females rights violations in other religions/sects but yet do the exact same thing.
  • imnotyourbabydaddy
    imnotyourbabydaddy Members Posts: 18
    religion should be outlawed in polictics and public matters ..sexual orientation and religions should be personal only
  • lighthearted25
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    First off, why does anyone care what that fat 🤬 rush has to say, really. He is a radio host, that's it. Second of all no one has given a good reason for birth control not to be covered. I guess po'folks just have to withold from having sex or pay up( my iud cost around $800, thanks Medicaid) if not for that I wouldnt have gotten it and had to use condoms and pills which still cost and are less reliable.
  • lighthearted25
    lighthearted25 Members Posts: 1,307
    Lmao. And we owe our thanks to 🤬 uncle Sam.
  • blakfyahking
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    I do find it quite hilarious to see a bunch of men by themselves discussing a women's issue

  • Shield here
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    What? Religion? Did somebody say something about eating dust?Shield me
  • a.mann
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    I questioned Obama 's judgement when he first brought this issue to the forefront. Thinking why in the hell he would want to taken on the Catholic Church of all times???

    But now......

    Either this one heck of an coincidence or he intentionally timed this to give 🤬 and The Reps something to chew on knowing the entire time that their extreme conservative views are so far right they'll destroy themselves in the eyes of the general public

  • Truerap
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    My tax money is not paying for you're 🤬 candy go buy that 🤬 you're selfs.
  • HafBayked
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    ok, i dont know where i been at, but can somebody tell me what a IUD is?

    as far as pills and all that i say pass that 🤬 out....there should be a bigass tub of them 🤬 sittin by the exit of all restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc......i dont mind paying for that 🤬 ....it sounds 🤬 up as im typing it but there are a LOT of kids that just were not supposed to be here (not playing 🤬 im just saying)
  • Truerap
    Truerap Members Posts: 2,353 ✭✭✭
    Yeah okay kat we got it you don't like me chill out and think with you're mind and not like a women.

    I'm not paying for you're free pass to go and 🤬 as many guys you want.
  • Truerap
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    The truth is that you should not be 🤬 if you don't have money for birth control.
  • CeLLaR-DooR
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    Birth control over here is free...Mornin' after pills are free...Condoms are free, too...Dependin' on ya age
  • Truerap
    Truerap Members Posts: 2,353 ✭✭✭
    Okay but that's NOT going to happen. That's the bottom line.

    So what's the fix? We just sit on our hands and allow the current system to take the entire country under?

    That's all I'm trying to say..

    Look no know making you 🤬 it you're body if you don't have the money then don't 🤬 .

  • blakfyahking
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    I can't wait for the day that they create a BC pill for men

    🤬 will be selling them 🤬 2 for 5 like an intro to a Wu-Tang song :)