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Sad Kharma News....

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WWE star Kharma announced via TMZ.com that she lost her son before he was delivered in December. Our deepest condolences to her and her family.

Kharma noted that she has just started to come to grips with the situation and wants to use her celebrity to help others who are going through the same difficulties.


Damn... smh.


  • Chi-Town Bully
    Chi-Town Bully Members Posts: 29,218 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thats 🤬 up, i cant even imagine losing a kid. Condolences to her
  • dalyricalbandit
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    read this earlier in the other thread 🤬 is 🤬 up
  • TheBoyRo
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    terrible, I'm surprised she came back at the rumble, she should take all the time she can to clear her mind, but maybe its better she's back on the road to keep busy so she don't remember her child, RIP
  • TheIraq
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    Lol I thought she was pregnant at the Rumble until I read the whole story lol.... But I agree with Ro tho I was suprised she was there
  • sobek
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    Damn. That's sad to hear
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