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Can Someone help me finish this verse (writersblock)

RickyRich RUCKWORLDMembers Posts: 13,061 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited March 2012 in Roc Tha Mic
you got the game locked? I got that 🤬 in custody 🤬
I'll destroy any obstacle u put in front of? me 🤬
I'm ready for whatever, so if its beef just reach the block
Got brunch of wild 🤬 n i aint talkin bout mechine gun kelly
and they down to ride waitin for que to unleash bullets in the glock
leave you dead on the spot bullets goin thru ya belly
cut ya 🤬 up like saw 3 leave ya scarted 🤬 🤬 puzzle
yall 🤬 been talkin 🤬 for awhile ima hve to shut u up like muzzle


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