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New EP...I need honest feedback!!!

choochtheone Members Posts: 8
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New EP that I want everybody to enjoy...Give it a listen, and tell me what you think!!



  • choochtheone
    choochtheone Members Posts: 8
    All Rapped/Produced by myself (Chooch)
  • Freakwood
    Freakwood Members Posts: 1
    I really love the Intro. I didn't have the time to listen to the rest of it that much but the overall sound seems to be nice. The Intro made it to my iPod and Galaxy Note, I'm listening to it a lot. I like the beat and your voice - it matches almost perfectly. "We Gone" seems to be one of my personal highlights of the EP as well.

    Greetings from Germany,
  • JessicaFrom
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    You should ask this on formvote brush. www.formvote.com - way better format for this.
  • ExpLo123
    ExpLo123 Members Posts: 5
    Good overall solid song. Nice flow, good concept with a strong matching hook. Some criticism is that a few bars didn't really go with the theme of the song and could have been replaced with some that matched the feel of the verse.
  • choochtheone
    choochtheone Members Posts: 8
    Thanks for the Feedback! @Freakwood - I'm glad you enjoyed it

    @ExpLo123 - Thanks for the feedback too...Might I ask which song were you referring to?
  • choochtheone
    choochtheone Members Posts: 8
  • atlnever
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    I love the # 3 track. that ish is dope!! Are you on youtube?
  • JHutch
    JHutch Members Posts: 12
    good 🤬
  • Protocall
    Protocall Members Posts: 5
    i'm feelin' you the realest. a lot
  • Mixtape2014
    Mixtape2014 Members Posts: 10
    good :)
  • REK
    REK Members Posts: 2
    The intro sounds great a real nice way to start a conscious EP, I admittedly didnt check every track, I listened to "Black Girl" which I really like the concept of, the lyrics fit nicely and delivery sounds smooth over the instrumental... I like the Realest too for pretty much the same reasons, I checked "To the top" nice melody, the lyrics were pretty solid all the way through, the rhyme schemes seem a little more developed on to the top then on the others I heard, my biggest complaint about your tracks would be the simplicity of the rhyme scheme
  • New Life Records
    New Life Records Members Posts: 9
    I lisetned to "to the top" that 🤬 is banging! good quality too! nice! Ck me out when u get a chance, would love some feedback. http://www.newliferecordsllc.com/featured/bilistic/
  • choochtheone
    choochtheone Members Posts: 8
    Good Looking on the feedback yall
  • yungtomselleck
    yungtomselleck Members Posts: 3
    Will listen yo more later bug I agree about the sweet intro
  • ChrisCashTheGifted
    ChrisCashTheGifted Members Posts: 3
    The intro is Bless. It had my head bobbing the whole time. Production is on point throughout the EP and nice lyrics
  • choochtheone
    choochtheone Members Posts: 8
    Much love y'all..I appreciate the listens
  • jameshalton
    jameshalton Members Posts: 5
    this is stupid solid. second thing i've checked on this site and the talent here so far is ridiculous. been making my rounds across forums and the amount of wack 🤬 is overwhelming.

    for the dreamers is 🤬 dope. your nice on the beats too if you produced these. solid lyrics. downloading that. to the top is cool. i 🤬 with the beat. learned at an early age how to drop outta school haha. i dig it. black girl, another solid beat. another good track. 🤬 with the drums. i like this. midwestern dream. another dope track. i like your sound man.

    this overall is solid. went ahead and followed you on soundcloud. keep banging out for the midwest, your talented bro
  • Audiomercy
    Audiomercy Members Posts: 4
    Feeling the instrumentals, we gone is tight. Flow needs a little work, feels like your not convincing with what your saying in a couple areas. Lyrics is koo but the beats shining most. Keep doing your thang.
  • Vik
    Vik Members Posts: 18
    🤬 straight bruh but y'all should go check out my 🤬 .