What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.




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    I signed...this 🤬 is horrible. George Zimmerman should be brought to justice immediately.
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    Contact info for Florida's Attorney General.

    Pam Bondi



    Reach out to her and make sure she knows how many people are concerned about getting justice for Trayvon.
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    That's a brilliant article @its over: 2012!
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    is there a phone number for Trayvon's ppl I feel like calling his mom to give her my support...
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    A Grand Jury is Taking up the case. Keep up the pressure on the crakkkers
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    Still, Zimmerman should be dead.
    To hell with the Justice Department and Obama for not saying 🤬 .
    But he cuts a promo for bullied 🤬 students?

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    cobbland wrote: »
    Still, Zimmerman should be dead.
    To hell with the Justice Department and Obama for not saying 🤬 .
    But he cuts a promo for bullied 🤬 students?

    and he had time to say the cops acted stupidly when his elitist friend got arrested. i agree though that crakker should be 6 ft in the ground

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    so no body cares about the obvious racist comment zimmerman?
    i just proved that this is a straight up hate crime.
    he called that boy a 🤬 🤬 .

    its interesting that a half white half latino man was first accepted as a crime watch person who a conservative gated community. hell in many cases latinos are hated more than black folk in the south especally with the whole border debate. then this mixed race man has such violent tendencies and actions on such an innocent child. the tapes that were released are very disturbing.
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    How many people signed the petition, did it reach 300,000 signatures yet

    Yes sir the petition is over 300,000 signatures, Now The Obama Adminstration is looking into the murder of Trayvon Martin, The DOJ and Eric Holder FBI is investigating, i hope they DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

    News that the Obama Administration is going to step in to investigate the shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin was music to the ears of millions of concerned citizens around the world. Martin, who was killed under peculiar circumstances by a self-appointed night watchman (George Zimmerman), was unarmed at the time of his death. There is also a tremendous amount of evidence that police didn’t give proper attention to all witnesses, and that Zimmerman was not in fear of his life, as he initially claimed.

    Getting involved in the Martin case is a good move for President Obama, espeically during an election year. At a time when the administration is trying to catch up and apologize for paying very little attention to the black community, the Martin case gives the administration an opportunity to gain some much-needed black political points. I quietly wonder if we can credit Michelle Obama for pinching the man next to her in bed and telling him that we need to help Trayvon’s family (in spite of the fact that he is not a Harvard Professor, hint hint).

    This move also represents the right thing to do. It would be difficult for any logical human being analyze the circumstances of the Trayvon Martin case and conclude that the man who (according to 911 tapes) chose to chase the “suspicious-looking” black male was somehow fighting to protect himself. Zimmerman was not a police officer, Martin was not armed, and Zimmerman was the only one looking for trouble.

    As we fight for justice for Trayvon, we must all take a personal moment of silent reflection to consider all of the other Trayvons who’ve been killed without all of the media attention. What about the kid who went through the same experience but had a criminal record? What about the kid who gets shot in a housing project and doesn’t have a father who lives in a gated community? The fact is that the Trayvon Martin case is, quite honestly, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the avalanche of injustice that has been served to millions of black people for centuries. Trayvon’s untimely death reminds us that the injustice affects everyone and that it continues until this day.

    The involvement of the Obama Administration in the sad and peculiar case of Trayvon Martin should be a starting point for additional steps in creating a more honest and forthright society. The Sanford Police Department’s behavior is a mere symptom of a bigger social virus and not the root of the matter. If you find one roach in the house, you don’t just 🤬 the bug – instead, you must dig deeper and find your way to the nest. In other words, one can only hope that the outrage over the death of Trayvon Martin escalates into a more prolonged effort to evaluate the criminal justice system from top to bottom, including police brutality, racial profiling, unfair sentencing and mass incarceration.

    Rest in peace Trayvon, I shed several tears for you even as I write this sentence. Also, I’d like to wish peace to the thousands of Trayvon Martins whose cases didn’t make the six o’clock news. Like the unnamed slaves who were thrown to the bottom of the ocean, there are nameless, faceless men and women who met similar trouble in the middle of the night and no one ever told their story. Trayvon’s death is a sign that there is a nest of injustice that must be eradicated at the core. We cannot stop until we are finished.

    Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.
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    that dude took his job a lil too serious, smh but i'm still wondering even after all this how zimmerman is not in jail.
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    ghost tho wrote: »

    I really do hate fox news, i turned into fox news on sunday and like they do on weekends they let their blacks to work and they had a small 1 minute segement
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    at 2:19 you clearly hear him say "🤬 🤬 ".

    yeah that muthafucka called Trayvon a 🤬 .... and they try to see he is not a racist. The black community haven't been this enrage since the Rodney King beatings. They going to have to put Zimmerman FBI Protection if justice will not be served
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    I can't believe he called him a 🤬 ....I wonder if the lawyers heard that 🤬 .

    I hope this bastard kills himself.
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    Im so sad for trayvon martin and enraged to the point of coming to tears, i was thinking and it's been said why Black Males of age didn't felt the same pain (i speaking for myself) when Oscar Grant died (I had anger but it was no pain) and it finally hit me. Because us older black men see ourself in Oscar Grant meaning, we made Peace with ourself that we can die like that by the Police, white people who are scared of us and know that justice will not be served so it wasn't a shock. NOW THAT'S SOME 🤬 UP 🤬 , AND I DONT WANT TO HEAR 🤬 FROM PEOPLE SAYING THAT THEY KNOW WHAT THE BLACK MAN FEEL OR GO THROUGH IN AMERICA if they aint black. we was taught at a early age how to stay alive by our parents because they know once we leave through the front door there is a chance that we might not make it back, THAT'S SOME COLD 🤬 BUT REALITY OF BLACK PARENTS WORRYING FOR THEIR SON'S LIFE BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN.

    and some other cold 🤬 is that our fathers who were proud when we was born but sad at the same time because he knows that no matter how much he going to teach us what we going to face that will not be enough to prepare us, we going to learn first hand of being a Black Male in America starting with school.

    This Trayvon Martin case brings up memories of the racist 🤬 and racist people that us black males went through as a youth, and that's why it's so painful, we are reliving our child hood in this racist society again, That we walked through with our head up, chest out being a strong black man and holding that pain in.

    R.I.P. TO ALL THE TRAYVON MARTINS, its time to protect our youth from this racist society like the generations before us.
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    THE 🤬 OF THE UNIVERSE YES'UM LARRY ELDER ass is at it again

    Larry Elder: Trayvon Martin Case Is A ‘Civil Matter,’ Not A Criminal One

    Radio host Larry Elder stopped by Good Day LA on Tuesday, where he offered his perspective on the case surrounding Trayvon Martin and his alleged shooter, George Zimmerman.

    Much opinion media coverage of Martin’s death has expressed a sense of frustration over the injustice of the situation, with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell and his panel last night, for instance, emphasizing the fact that Martin had been unarmed while Zimmerman had been in possession of a gun. Speculation as to whether racism may have played a role has also shaped coverage of Martin’s death, as has confusion and frustration over Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

    RELATED: Lawrence O’Donnell Panel Condemns The Injustice In The Trayvon Martin Case

    Elder, however, offered perspective that shifted from the common narrative surrounding the teen’s death. This morning, Good Day LA shared a poll showing that 89 percent of the show’s viewers agreed that the Justice Department should look into the Trayvon Martin case. “There’s a big outcry,” Elder observed, “and I think, for PR purposes, we have to look as if we’re concerned about whether or not this 17-year-old was killed.”

    Host Jillian Reynolds took exception at his phrasing. “I hate the way you say ‘for PR purposes,’” she told him. “Come on, a child — maybe not a child, but a teenager was killed.”

    “Well, why are we sure that the authorities in Florida are not investigating?” he asked. “Why are we sure that they’re not on top of it?” They are black law enforcement authorities and officials, he added, that are very concerned about this case. “The idea that Al Sharpton or the Congressional Black Caucus needs to yell and scream for the law enforcement authorities to do their job, I find offensive.”

    Elder described Zimmerman as a “neighborhood watch captain concerned about crime” (some outlets, like ABC.com, are now emphasizing that Zimmerman’s post had been “self-appointed”), characterizing his much-analyzed comment to a 911 dispatcher that “they always get away” as testament to his frustration concerning crime.

    “Let’s make the case the other way, Larry,” host Steve Edwards interjected, “First of all, you often talk about the ‘race card’ being played too often. Sometimes it’s not a card, sometimes it’s a racial situation — even you would acknowledge that. Here in this situation you have a guy — Zimmerman — 28 years old, he’s a member of the volunteer watch, it’s a neighborhood watch that’s not official with the other neighborhood watches. He’s obviously, it seems to me, to be a guy who loves to be on the prowl, looking for trouble…”

    “-Or,” said Elder, “he’s a guy who’s trying to make sure that crime goes down in his neighborhood.”

    The takeaway for Elder, as he shared, was that — while it was unequivocally a “bad shooting” – this is ultimately a civil matter, not a criminal one.
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    Those 911 tapes made my heart sink. But looking at this from a MLK perspective this incident that happened to a black male who was innocent should make us look at all groups targeted and make it all stop. Regardless of your views on homosexuality we as black people need to take a stand for people being killed because they are 🤬 or lesbian. Hell even in africa homosexuals are getting 🤬 and killed and police refuse to report it. We need to take a stand for our arab brothers and some of our own black muslums who are targeted because of their looks and dress in this country. I mean look at what happened in afganistan last week with those terrible killings.

    Also we need to look at racism in our society different. We always assume its going to be a white man that targets us when that is not always the case. There was a case of an illegal mexican immigrant that killed a black teen (cant find a link forgot the name).
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    Someone on another forum made a point:

    "Justice should be served and punishment should be rendered to the highest of lawful extent. He died unjustly by the hands of an over zealous neighborhood watcher. What ever happens I hope Zimmerman pay's for this.

    Now that THAT's out of the way, I'm having a real problem with black people and what we CHOOSE to lash out on. Okay, so a white man shot down a black kid for no real apparent reason. But what about all the other black on black nonsense we got going on? How come there's not more of an effort to stop the warfare among black men and their respective gangs and groups. If we can speak out on this we can do a better job of speaking out on the black on black stuff. And i'm pleased that we're getting more involved with this case but I think we need to take a hard look in the mirror. The same thing that white guy did to that black kid...we've been doing to each other for years. Does anyone else see a problem here? Or is it just me?"

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    Trayvon Martin Final Moments Captured During Phone Call With Teenage Girl

    Posted: 03/20/2012 11:21 am Updated: 03/20/2012 12:25 pm

    Just moments before Trayvon Martin was shot and killed, he was on his cellphone talking with a 16-year-old girl. For the first time, the girl is speaking out about the last, horrifying moments of Martin's life.

    "He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on. He said he lost the man," the girl told ABC News. "I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was going to walk fast. I told him to run but he said he was not going to run."

    According to accounts gleaned from 911 audio recordings made the night of the killing and the teenage girl's statements, Martin eventually did run. But Zimmerman wasn't far behind, and soon the two would be face to face. Zimmerman, the self-appointed captain of the neighborhood watch, was armed with a 9mm pistol. Trayvon had little more than a bag of candy in his pocket.

    "Trayvon said, 'What are you following me for?' and the man said, 'What are you doing here?' Next thing I hear is somebody pushing, and somebody pushed Trayvon because the headset just fell. I called him again and he didn't answer the phone."

    The line went dead, according to the girl's account.

    As reported by ABC News, Trayvon's phone records show that he was on the phone with the girl (whose parents asked that her name not be used) just five minutes before the police arrived on the scene.

    "He knew he was being followed and tried to get away from the guy, and the guy still caught up with him," Tracey Martin, Trayvon's father, told ABC. "And that's the most disturbing part: He thought he had got away from the guy, and the guy back-tracked for him."

    The police would arrive at the scene -- a patch of grass between a row of townhomes at the Retreat at Twin Lakes, the gated community in the Orlando suburb of Sanford, where Trayvon, 17, was visiting his father -- to find the teen dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

    The Sanford police questioned Zimmerman, 28, who told them that he killed Martin is self-defense. Zimmerman was soon released without being charged.

    The police say they do not have enough evidence to counter Zimmerman's claims; despite the fact that as early as March 8, Sanford Police chief Bill Lee told HuffPost that Zimmerman disregarded a 911 dispatcher who told him to stand down and wait for the police to arrive. And that at some point Martin realized that Zimmerman, a stranger on a cellphone, was following him.

    Lee's description of the events just before Zimmerman shot Martin also seem to corroborate the girl's account.

    According to Lee, Zimmerman told investigators that Martin noticed that he was being followed and asked, "What's your problem?"

    "He obviously knows Zimmerman is following him," Lee said. "So that's where this physical confrontation takes place."

    With the national media spotlight shining more brightly, hundreds of thousands across the country have joined outraged calls to action, signing petitions calling for Zimmerman's arrest or are joining rallies and protests in support of Martin.

    The pieces of the puzzle surrounding Martin's killing on Feb. 26 are slowly coming together, as more witnesses come forward to correct the record about what they saw and heard that night. Meanwhile, more scrutiny is being put on how local law enforcement has handled the case, as state and federal authorities have stepped in to investigate the killing further.

    The Sanford police handed the case over to the State Attorney's Office last week, and yesterday the Justice Department and the FBI announced that they would be joining the probe into Martin's killing.

    The Justice Department has promised to "conduct a thorough and independent review of all evidence and take appropriate action at the conclusion of the investigation," according to a statement late Monday. And Seminole County State Attorney Norm Wolfinger announced Tuesday morning that he plans to convene a grand jury to determine if Zimmerman should be charged in Martin’s death.

    The girl's statements -- in conjunction with those of other witnesses and audio recordings of 911 calls made the night of the killing -- offer a clearer picture of what happened that night.

    While Martin was on the phone with the girl, Zimmerman was on the line with a 911 dispatcher, reporting Martin as a "suspicious person."
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    Trayvon Martin Final Moments Captured During Phone Call With Teenage Girl

    Posted: 03/20/2012 11:21 am Updated: 03/20/2012 12:25 pm


    "This guy looks like he's up to no good, or he's on drugs or something," Zimmerman tells the 911 operator. "He's just staring, looking at all the houses. Now he's coming toward me. He's got his hand in his waistband. Something's wrong with him."

    Zimmerman described Martin as wearing a hoodie and sweatpants or jeans.

    Zimmerman continues: "He's coming to check me out. He's got something in his hands. I don't know what his deal is. Can we get an officer over here?"

    "These 🤬 always get away," he says later to the operator. Zimmerman is then heard giving directions to the dispatcher.

    "🤬 , he's running," Zimmerman says.

    "Are you following him?" the dispatcher asks.

    "Yes," Zimmerman responds.

    "We don't need you to do that," the dispatcher says.

    Zimmerman continued to pursue Martin, and moments later other calls started coming in to 911. Neighbors reported hearing screams, cries for help and then gunfire. Some sobbed as they talked about a dead boy and a man standing over him. In one recording, the sounds of wailing and what seem to be pleas for help and "No! No!" can be heard.

    According to the Miami Herald, Zimmerman told the police that he had stepped out of his SUV to check the name of the street he was on, and that Trayvon sprang out of nowhere to attack him from behind as he was walking back to his truck. He said he feared for his life and shot Martin in self-defense. That account doesn't easily fit into the narrative cobbled together from what evidence had been made public.

    "I think the [girl's account] is just more corroborative evidence that Trayvon was not the aggressor and that he was being actively pursued by George Zimmerman," said Jasmine Rand, one of the Martin family's attorneys.

    Rand said the girl, a friend from Miami where Trayvon lived with his mother, "probably heard the moments closest to the end of his life, and she says that Zimmerman was pursuing him and that he pushed him or was physically aggressive with him."

    That account, and corroboration from other witnesses who dispute that Zimmerman was acting in self-defense, she said, could be key in determining if Zimmerman acted legally that night.

    "What we have now is several witnesses saying the same thing: that Zimmerman was the aggressor, that he followed him and pursued him and at some point was on top of him," Rand said. "If you're trying to use a claim of self-defense, you can't be the one chasing, you can't be chasing the person that you say is being aggressive against you."

    In the days after the shooting, witnesses have said they had trouble reaching the police to give their statements. Others would say that investigators twisted their testimony to fit a self-defense theory, asked leading questions during questioning and that, on the night of the killing, investigators peppered Zimmerman with questions before he could tell his story.

    "It was self-defense," one witness said an investigator mouthed at the scene.

    This article has been updated to include information from Chief Lee about the police's understanding of the circumstances of the incident.
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    Trayvon Martin's Last Phone Call Contradicts Shooter's Claim, Attorney Says

    by Mark Memmott

    George Zimmerman's statement to police about what 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was up to on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., "is completely contradicted" by the boy's cellphone records, an attorney for Martin's family just said during a news conference in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

    Attorney Benjamin Crump said the African-American teenager had been talking to friends all day and, as first reported earlier today by ABC News, was on the phone with a young girl when he was confronted by, in Crump's words, "neighborhood association loose cannon" Zimmerman.

    The girl, Crump said, says Martin was just trying to get back to the house he and his father had been visiting when Zimmerman came into the picture. She heard Martin ask "why are you following me?" Crump said. Another voice, according to the girl, asked at least twice "what are you doing around here?"

    Moments later, Martin was shot in the chest.

    The 28-year-old Zimmerman, who had called police to report seeing a "suspicious" person and was advised not to follow that person, has told police he acted in self defense.

    As we've been reporting, Martin's death has reignited a national conversation about race and racial profiling. And it has led to charges from Martin's family and their supporters that local police failed to adequately investigate. "Arrest killer. He killed this child in cold blood," Crump said a moment ago.

    Zimmerman has not been charged with a crime. The federal Justice Department is now getting involved, and the local state attorney announced this morning that he's asked a grand jury to investigate.