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Shane Douglas kick out of raw

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During the Big Show vs. Kane match on Raw, former ECW World champion Shane Douglas pulled off a mask and ripped off an outer shirt, revealing himself to be sitting at ringside. Douglas then attempted to get fans to chant for ECW. It was obviously a promotional stunt to gain awareness for next month's Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia.

Fans surrounding Douglas reacted and there were some small chants, but WWE's production crew quickly shot around Douglas during the last minute of the match. It then appeared Douglas was immediately ushered out of the building.


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    I wouldn't have guessed that many current wwe fans would know anything about ecw. good for shane, I remember when he first started out his finisher was a belly to belly suplex off the ropes. wcw sold the 🤬 out of that 🤬 finisher.
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    funny how ecw is thought to be violent and trash wrestling but the promotion actually had a foundation of tradition wrestlers and technicians
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    that's what made ECW so great. it had a combination of wrestlers from different backgrounds and Heyman mashed it all together and made it work. He didn't just say the small guys wrestle the small guys, the bigs wrestle the bigs, everyone took on everyone, and with great writing, all that 🤬 came together for an epic promotion. Plus, there were no egos to stroke in ECW, almost everyone wanted to make their opponents look good and work the match for everyone's enjoyment.
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    lol, that's just sad
  • gum989
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    I gotta see that Extreme Reunion. Anybody know who's booked?
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    I remember Shane in the WWF in the early 90's.
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    gum989 wrote: »
    I gotta see that Extreme Reunion. Anybody know who's booked?

    half them kats are dead or broke down. I don't want to see that 🤬 any more. I respect it, but damn, now they really beating a dead horse and rattling the bones.

    So far, the only matches booked are:

    “The Final Battle”
    The FBI (Little 🤬 & Tony Mamaluke w/ Tracy Smothers) vs. The BWO (Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie)

    ”An Extreme Wrestling Purist’s Match”
    Al Snow w/Head vs. CW Anderson
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