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PICS: Rihanna on the set of 'Princess Of China' video shoot

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PICS: Rihanna on the set of 'Princess Of China' video shoot

Cop a gander of Rihanna!

The model/actress appeared just how we like her (mute and fierce) on the set of the video for ‘Princess of China’, Coldplay‘🤬 which she features on.

Christening the look “Gangsta goth geisha”, the 24 year old shared more shot from the shoot. Check it out below.

View Pics Here.



Seeing Ms. Fenty serve up these levels of “diva” remind us of how frustrating she is as an “artist”. Why? Because without any talent or at least the drive to acquire any, she remains little more than a very pretty face. Sad, when considering the possibilities if she applied herself. Indeed, had she actually tried, she could prove quite the formidable package (see: looks, vocals, choreo).

via ThatHustle


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