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Stoudemire Out Indefinitely With Bulging Disk

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Amar'e Stoudemire is out indefinitely with a bulging disc.

Stoudemire had an MRI on Monday and is flying to Miami for a second opinion.

The Knicks don't believe Stoudemire will need surgery, but Mike Woodson said he believes he is young enough to come back from it if it is the ultimate prognosis.

Via Frank Isola/New York Daily News (via Twitter)

This is gonna suck 4 Knick Fans..............Signing Amare is like buying an used item on ebay with the warranty expired


  • northside7
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    🤬 the Knicks..
  • rice n gravy
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    and so it begins

    can they amnesty him? plzs say no lol
  • [Deleted User]
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    the knicks will improve, let me be the first to post it ......
  • wilberdmillz
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    I though you get one amnesty each year? So they can cut him after the season, I think.
  • Beta
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    lol @ not being able to amnesty Amare because the Knicks amnestied a player who's contract was up at the end of the year.

    "Teams can use it once during the 10-year agreement, before any season, on a player whose contract already is done and who is on the team."

    lol The 🤬 that make your soul burn slow........

  • Jdilla26
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    It looked like Melo got hurt too last night (groin) but the nicca soldiered it out and help win the game
  • Figo
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    tough break
  • Mdizzle9000
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    they said it wasnt that bad and he just need rest, big deal, he was suckin ass anyway
  • Mister B.
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    Welp. That's it.

    I just wait for the inevitable meltdown when the Bucks pass them for the 8 spot.