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Tony! Toni! Tone!

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Why is this group never mentioned among greatest? They were one of the first R&B acts who successfully combined classical R&b with raw hip-hop beats and funky melodies without cliched new jack swing sound. Their material was waaaaaaay better and more rounded than average bump-n-grindin songs of Jodeci, R Kelly or Bobby Brown. It was pure adult contemporary music with raw ghetto flavor. Does anybody know who made beats on their albums? Talking about art of sampling, Tony! Toni! Tone! have some of the strongest production in 90's R&B. Sons of Soul and House of Music are straight up classics, no doubt about it. I'm too dense to post embed youtube videos, so it would be appreciated if someone posted their most famous songs , like Anniversary, Let's Get Down, Oklahoma Stroke or Leavin'.


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