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Theists, Non Theists, What Do You Believe In?

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For those of you who are non theists, what are some things that you believe in or practice whether it be political, dietary, religious, moral, philosophical, spiritual, etc. etc.

Same question for theists (excluding the obvious 🤬 theory answer)

Example, I'm a vegetarian. Stopped eating red meats when I was boxing and switched to strictly lean meats for that reason. Later on, I eventually dropped meats including sea food altogether for health reasons and with Buddhist influence, for spiritual reasons


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    I have a balanced diet composed of meat (excluding pork), fruits, vegetables, and grains; I avoid eating fast-food and overly-processed food. I also exercise and don't use any form of drug. I have no morals or extreme emotions, and I only care about myself. I like money and watching people suffer.

    My philosophy is to assume all humans are inferior; therefore, the only value they have is in their ability to be manipulated to my advantage.
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    I don't tie my self to any beliefs. I don't eat beef or pork because i don't like the taste. I don't do 🤬 that will knowingly shorten my life. I'm most aware that if i don't take care of myself, then i have a higher potential for dieing early. I could also die early if i don't look up in approximately 2 seconds.
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    i try to follow the dietry laws of my ancestors and i follow the Commandments, I am a spirtual person for I am a Hebrew. I try to keep the mind, body and soul working on the same levels, i pray/meditate, run, bodybuild, and boxing right now. I study the great minds of warriors of the past and present like Sampson, Judah Maccabee, King David, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Miyamoto Musashi. And try to get to the point where Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali was at in their prime, they was at a place physically, spirtuality and mentally that only a few made it there.

    Politcally i go with justice and what's right, i am not owned by a party i vote on issues. I am a independent.
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    appreciate it brotha man