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Lil B Signs Tour Deal with Live Nation

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While U Lames Hate on Lil Bizzle he's making moves
LIL B= This generation E-40


Petar Kujundzic March 29, 2011

Lil B is everywhere nowadays. Live Nation has recognized his potential and is seeking to benefit from "Based Thinking" as it offered a tour deal with the Bay Area rapper which will take the him around the East Coast and the Midwest. Read the details below.

Long an irregular presence on the live stage — over the last year, the Internet star played two sold-out shows to ministers of the blogosphere in New York, but no headlining hometown sets — Lil B recently inked a deal with tour giant Live Nation for a string of shows around the East Coast and the Midwest. He also lined up a headlining show at Mezzanine here in San Francisco, set for April 21.

“It’s for sure the first [Bay Area] show of this new era of people being aware of Lil B,” his manager, Sebastian Demian, tells SF Weekly. It might also be a sign of what’s in the future for Brandon McCartney, a 21-year-old member of East Bay rap collective the Pack. The Live Nation deal is only four shows and two festival appearances, but Demian says he’s hoping to expand that to a larger tour. And the fact that Live Nation made a deal with Lil B — an independent artist who isn’t signed to any label — is surprising on its own. Demian says the people he worked with Live Nation couldn’t remember making such an agreement before.