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Rules and Regulations

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All right folks, being that this is a more mature and grown section of the forums I want to keep it that way. So here's a breakdown of the rules.

1. NO Retail links to whole albums. If the album is at least a year old it's fine, but any links to brand new releases for illegal downloads will result in an automatic ban and the thread being deleted.

2. No nudity in sigs, avi's or posts. This will result in a ban.

3. No spam, a spam will result in the thread being deleted and a ban may follow shortly (if not by me then by my mod brothers). If you have music you want to premier send me a PM and we can work something out.

4. Please use the search function to prevent multiple threads on the same topic

5. Please be respectful of your fellow members.

6. Please post only R&B records, rap-R&B is ok but got dayum The Reason & The Essence is just a click away, post hiphop/rap related records over there not in R&B and Alternatives.

7. If you have a question feel free to PM a mod (for those who dont know who they are - sionb55, KillaCham.-THE ELITE, icecoldstew, Thulsa Doom, UPTOWN CONNEXX, Haul Judos, Soloman the Wise , Jamaica , peagle05 , RuffDraft , janklow , Ms Southern , haute , eternalmoney , H-Rap 180 )

8. Trolling will result in a ban

9. Please do not add swear words in thread titles.

10. Immediately notify a moderator if you see any spam bot activity or suspect behavior.

Thanks and enjoy the powerful music !

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