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Root of all Evil? Or lucky Suprise?

ThaChozenWun Members Posts: 9,390
edited July 2010 in Waiting To Exhale
Root of all evil, or evil on bad roots
The good seeds blossom but their life is a 🤬 shoot
Only recognize the bad hand that it dealt you
but can you really say poverty brings less troubles than wealth do
money is wrong in bad hands, the better will help you
Through every season, the rainiest springs
broke aint a joke it makes you think the craziest things
money changes everything, for better or worst
And its saying the right things but it never rehearsed
Finding ways to get it let it quench a cleverly thirst
Take you from watchin the hills to the Beverly turf
Sell your soul to the devil and forever be cursed
but they a say a gift is a curse for whatever its worth
Cheddar got you dreamin while you reachin for the ether can
Buy now cause the dough will come and go like a pizza man
Let it all hang out no streaker fan
I dont think root of evil, i think the flowers get picked though
and let em live until the water calms down to its trickle
I used to say the line until I whethered the storm
then i went and copped 🤬 that I could never afford
went and bought my new girl a better Accord
I opened up the world and I let her explore
me and my money so close I think I met her before
the tale that im tellin is much more than metaphorical lure
but real recognize real Im feelin better with more
Only thing thats evil is the mind of the sponsor
Just like a book can cause trouble but behind its an author
So I grabbed the pen wrote a story that fits me
caught a few parties where the glammer and glitz be
came through the war tore it down no Blitzkrieg
Wake up, turn on the light and it hits me
I seen life right in front of my eyes but it missed me
Livin for right now tommorow makes history
Past is gone except the time it takes with me
Id like to give a round of applause for the listening
So as tommorow approaches let me ask did you miss me?


    REAL_POETICAL Members Posts: 347 ✭✭
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    diggin this piece...you spoke the truth about money especially when its in need....truly went in on this jawn...bottom line good 🤬 as always...keep droppin those lines of pure uncut literature called poetry my fellow poet

  • Tupacfan
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    dam chozen,

    I felt this piece and every line had me an Ahhhh..

    Sick, sick, sick LOL..

    The word play was up to par! Thanks for sharing this.. Money def has its pros and cons..