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Suge Knight Says He Doesn't Believe That Tupac Shakur Is Dead....2012-04-20



  • deathrowzorrow
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    Jungle should be on your top 15. I mean they put Ghostface there because he "busts his guns, break Mase jaw" so you should put Jungle there. He pistol whipped Pac and Suge which make him to the realest ever
  • dalyricalbandit
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    son u really comparing jungle to ghostface
  • alphajjc
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    I saw this on another board, what do you guys think about it? It sounds pretty accurate to me:

    yo don't ask who i am and how i know this but this is all 100% true, and by the end of the year you will see evidence supporting what i am saying....

    1) pac wasnt killed on the big strip in las vegas like everyone says, he was killed in kovall (sp?) avenue which is an off road..

    2) the security gaurds were told by the Death Row General manager Reggie Wright not to carry any weapons on them the day Pac got hit. Also Reggie told the security not to carry their walkie talkie cell phones. It isn't really known that Reggie owned and ran the security company that Deathrow employed. The security company was called Wright Way Security.

    3) another thing of interest was that the regular number of security people were used the day pac got hit. only one dude was appointed to pac which was that dude frank alexander. he was the only one guarding pac, suge, outlawz, the entire 20-23 person entourage with them that night...

    4) that crip orlando anderson that they jumped @ the mgm grand never had tickets to the tyson fight...he just happened to be there...the odds of him being there in vegas and being in the lobby of the mgm to be seen by pac and deathrow is highly suspect...

    5)that club 662 that everyone thinks suge owned, was NOT suge's club..it was owned by some business women, but Suge had such a fierce rep for extortion everyone assumed that it was his spot but it wasnt. he wanted to buy it but never got to do the deal for whatever reasons...

    6) the other security gaurd whos name is mike moore that was supposed to gaurd pac along with frank A. was sent to do security work @ club 662. they were having an afterparty there and he was sent there to work. keep this in mind for some of the later points

    7) after the tyson fight people think pac and suge and them just bounced from there..which is untrue...they all went to suge's house to change, etc..actually the house that robert dineros character ace in Casino owns is actually is or was Suges house...they went there and changed clothes to go to 662

    8) another thing is when they were on route to go to the club a lot of people think that suge and pac got hit while they were by themselves...which is 100% untrue..this is how the cars were lined up...

    --in front of suge and pacs car was a car that had a couple of suges homeys.
    --behind suge and pac's car was frank alexander the bodygaurd driving three of the outlawz...that car that frank was driving was actually pacs car...ironically the car had little to no gas...
    --on the left side of suge and pac's car is a car with three or four girls (i exactly forget how much ) that were rolling with them all..

    so if you can paint the picture in your head, suge and pacs car was blocked in the front, back and left.... i find that very interesting as dude was basically blocked in by his own entourage...

    9) the white caddillac rolls up on suge and pacs RIGHT HAND SIDE, completing the blocking of SUGES car....the gunman sprayed up the entire car and pulled off...the interesting thing with suge at the wheel he did not hit the gas as the car was getting shot...if im driving a car and im getting shot at regardless if there is a car in front of me im hitting the gas as hard as i can..but suge didnt move the car at all....

    10) remember that security gaurd that was appointed to 662?? that dude mike moore has been noted as hearing someone saying "GOT HIM!!!!" on the speakerphone /walkie talkie of deathrow employees...seconds later someone comes back on saying do not talk business on the phones...later mike hears that pac has been shot...

    there is a bunch of stuff i left off like suge driving back to la with head trauma day after the shooting while pac is still in comma at the hospital, etc etc...but all fingers point to death row, namely reggie wright the GM of Death Row..

    real talk,

    Also a follow up post:

    it was disrespect and the fact that he wanted out...when pac leaves death row, snoop was on his way out and dre was already gone, who was going the be the flagship artist?

    pac was/is worth more dead than alive any day of the week in reguards to suge and kenner, they wouldnt have got paid **** because pac was almost done with his contract...think about it dog, in less than 9 months apart, AEOM and makaveli came out...and his 3rd and final album on contract with death row was damn near finished already, so when pac was gone he was GONE, he HATED being on death row and they knew it...

    pac was about to put out 3 albums in damn near LESS than a year...that is not enough time to truly capitalize off his name especially when your other biggest stars are leaving as well...pac was not going to be repping death row at all once that 3rd album dropped, basically a clean cut off so he could do his THINGS, he already had artists to prepping to come out and everything

    now that pac is dead...suge is, and has been eating off of his name even more so than his own mother, you think that was on accident?

    with everybody else on death row, suge would just tie *****s up, beat em, make em drink 🤬 and say shut the **** up...he pistol whipped snoop out of his money because he was a chump ass *****...but they knew they couldnt do that the pac, he was not gonna bow like everybody else so they had to go behind his back...once pac found out he FIRED david kenner...people were like he fired WHO? mob connected kenner? people at DR knew that wasnt gonna turn out well, if you're a lawyer you'd LOVE to have a client like 2pac shakur, he stayed in some ****...he was a cash cow

    pac stood up to the same *****s that biggie was bowing to, and he got killed for it, had pac been a coward getting extorted by *****s like other rappers he'd still be here today...but i guarntee his legacy wouldnt have been the same, and his name and art will live a lot longer and suge or kenner will
  • CracceR
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    alphajjc wrote: »
    AEOM and makaveli came out...and his 3rd and final album on contract with death row was damn near finished already

    so wheres the tracks from the 3rd album?

  • alphajjc
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    CracceR wrote: »
    alphajjc wrote: »
    AEOM and makaveli came out...and his 3rd and final album on contract with death row was damn near finished already

    so wheres the tracks from the 3rd album?

    Double albums can count as 2 albums.

    Did you notice how whenever the RIAA is counting album sales, whenever its a double album, they double the album sales?

    The last certification AEOM received in the US was 9x Platinum, which as a double album means it sold 4.5 million copies. You're right that the sales are doubled, but when it states copies sold in millions, that's usually referring to the certification and so you can cut the actual sales in half.

    Another thing to remember is Soundscan actually calculates number of albums shipped out, not sold. Stores order X amount of copies of an album and so as they sell them, they order more. Soundscan calculates what the store ordered, not what they actually sold. But I think it's safe to say that since 98, AEOM is probably a total of 15 million units. I wish either Interscope or Death Row would've kept track of it w/ the RIAA.

    Basically Makiaveli WAS the 3rd album your asking about?
  • deathrowzorrow
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    Suge lost
  • deathrowzorrow
    deathrowzorrow Members Posts: 12,456 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Jungle won
  • chi-guy
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    Suge just talkin his usual, he just wants to keep his name attached to Tupac's. Every time he's interviewed he has some story about him and Tupac. This dude is the Jamarcus Russell of Hip Hop, the man had a successful label, some of the greatest artists to touch the mic and he let a blown up perception of him allegedly being some mafioso type ruin his life. 🤬 disgusting
  • GeE-757
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    Gee done drained Suge dry

    u dont rememba when i post'd this album n ya 2gangsta4radio appreciation thread?....


    like i said after i bought that n 2000 & SUGE predict;d that feminem was a racist cracka wit da MARSHALL MATHERZ KKK skit & BENZINO made that skit come 2 LIFE suge deservez all da support n da world cuz he tried 2 warn hiphop that 🤬 azz dre was puttin on a racist cracka 2 help white emerica steal hiphop from da STREETZ!
    Jungle won

  • super_wet
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    I think suge set tupac's death. he's way too shady.
  • loch121
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    Suge is out his damn mind
  • Maximus Rex
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    Battlezone wrote: »
    H-Rap 180 wrote: »
    Y'all laugh if you want to but Tupac is still alive.

    so is malcom x and martin luther king
    and ghandi, michael jackson, and elvis presley.

    So is





    And this 🤬 is posted up somewhere in a beach house in Ocean City, MD eating a bucket of KFC and crab cakes.

  • RickyRich
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    Pac murder will be sovle too many unanswered questions and motives from everyone involed . from suge,diddy,biggie , the crips. Pac had too much people comin at him all at once.
  • BarreGoff
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    HAF BAYKED wrote: »
    at this point....suge would say him and pac was 🤬 if they payed him right

    he would make a deal with Jungle that he really Stabbed Pac so Nas could give Suge Knight some cash
    why are you on jungle's 🤬 so hard now? you can't get to nas so you go for not-famous little brother?

    He's a troll lol...don't pay dude any mind
    absolutely agree....I'm sure he's a troll..LOL
  • GorillaWitAttitude
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    H-Rap 180 wrote: »
    Y'all laugh if you want to but Tupac is still alive.
    Oh he is lol?
  • mc317
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    e howard hunt killed pac it was called the big event
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