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Cena, John.

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Ok, i gotta say this. John Cena needs a new f'in gimmick. That HipHop angle is played. Hell, it was freakin played when he first came out 10 years ago with that 🤬 . yall know it. its corney.

Think about it: the white rappers that come out now aint even on no hiphop 🤬 . they more on some rock & roll that just happens to rap.

he needs a new angle. going heel might work, but as long as he keep that corney 1992 hiphop persona, he aint gonna win the people over no more. its tired.

All those guys that came out wit Cena reinvented theirselves. Brock reinvented himself because now he the dude that did it for real. Orton turned crazy and had a "i dont giv a 🤬 " attitude and now he done got over. Batista, well, time will tell because he still evolving. But Cena still rockin it like its 02.

yall feel me?


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    hip hop angle is played?!

    he hasnt rapped in 7 years tho!

    bring it back! doctor of thuganomics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Cena is NOT rockin' his Thuganomics 🤬 at all, he's totally diverted from that and became this cocky little prissy 🤬 .

    The Doctor of Thuganomics could actually play the role of a heel and make you actually think he's this angry dude. This Cena, this weak Cena smiles and giggles and cannot keep a straight face. I think it's because he's so 🤬 damn full of himself. I understand that wrestling is this giant soap opera but Cena doesn't seem to give half the effort in any storyline. He rants on about the same old 🤬 , look at his Kane feud, "I won't embrace the hate, I rise above it, I'm real, this is who I am, I do it for the fans.." same lines every week. Then came the Rock, "you're never here and I am, here every week, never will leave them, you sold out.." same old 🤬 and he stuck with that Tooth Fairy junk too much.

    He's a one-sided character.

    Look at someone like Ziggler, he's 🤬 ' great. His wrestling is awesome, he sells extremely well, he comes off as someone you wanna hate so bad. He plays the part well, makes you believe his character. He, in my opinion, should've already been champ. Punk v Ziggler would be GOAT.

    Cena isn't the same, that's why Edge said what he said.
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    Edge saying what he said, actually made me think, and make this thread (hiphop)

    I want Cena to win in the wwe. im not a hater. But he still here, so might as well make the best of it. that hiphop 🤬 aint cool. im sorry. im someone who lives it. and i know, i know, white people is always light years away from us when it cools to whats cool in hiphop. i know it. but like i said. MGK, Yellawolf, they dont even try to do black hiphop. so why Would cena? he acting like 1989 LL Cool J. well, dressing like. and rapping like with that theme song. time for change.

    he from Boston right? dont boston got the hardest white boys that side of the the mississippi? why wont he imbrace it? even imbrace the racist part. hell. the black guys in the wwe need some kind of insentive. they being used like jobbers now.

    R-truth would be better if he dropped that R from his name and leave that lil jimmy 🤬 alone.

    mark henry needs to go back to sexual chocolate and start 🤬 with those divas. they need a push anyway.

    and kofi? i aint gonna say nothing. david tutua? i cant even spell his name. that funkasaurus cat? no comment.

    yup. they need new diversity in their writers. with their writers. it works. its 2012.

    beause punk, sheamus, orton, bryant, and rhodes are #winning
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    I see what you're saying, it would actually be great if he turned heel and embraced this hard ass street Boston dude.

    As for your other guys, it's what the WWE does.

    Let's be real, Mark is done for. I think once his contract is up, he's gone. He's old. Truth is old too, his Lil Jimmy act won't last long, as soon as it wears off he's done. But blame Truth for being a jobber, he 🤬 up when they were pairing up The Awesome Truth. Otunga has potential to be honest, he needs to step up his mic/acting skills. He can be another version of Masters. Kofi has potential as well, he needs a character change IMO. He came out w an accent and lost it, keep Kofi 🤬 Kingston.

    I can see Kofi and Justin Gabriel as tag team champs. Kofi could be IC or US champ too, I don't see him as WWE champ, possibly WHC for a short time. This Brodus thing is a joke now, especially since they paired up side-show Hornswoggle. I bet they end up tag team champs.

    The writers don't suck, they only work with what they're told to do. There's a lot that isn't allowed, they fear change because their top guys sell well.

    Sheamus gets a pass, he's a new face basically. They need to work on Daniel Bryan, Mason Ryan, Drew McIntyre, Kofi, Otunga, Sin Cara, Ziggler, Swagger, Ryback (need some new monster), and more I can't think of...

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    awesome truth had so much potential imo, i was so disappointed

    and i really hope this edge "pep talk" leads to cena goin back to the anti hero "thug" more so than stayin at this "typical corny white hero" 🤬
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    I thought the same thing...
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    awesome truth had so much potential imo, i was so disappointed

    and i really hope this edge "pep talk" leads to cena goin back to the anti hero "thug" more so than stayin at this "typical corny white hero" 🤬