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Movie industry focus more on remaking Average movies that had potential?

Neophyte Wolfgang
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I think it would be better for Hollywood to remake movies that had potential, but fell flat for one reason or another. What do you guys think? While I don't mind a occasional remake of a "classic" once in awhile, some movies just get dated to quickly and need a touch-up. Usually the directors and producers stray a little to much away from the original source and just rehash the plot with new actors. I think it would be better for hollywood to remake movies that had potential, but fell short... and needed some work.


  • atribecalledgabi
    atribecalledgabi DragonstoneMembers, Moderators Posts: 14,063 Regulator
    i never understood the hate for remakes. hell, every scorsese movie is a book adaptation. some of the greatest films of all time are from somebody else's creation. my only problem with remakes is if they try to recreate good performances instead of stories.

    you can't remake scarface because it's synonymous with al pacino. you can't remake there will be blood because daniel day-lewis was the movie. but goodfellas could be remade (although it shouldn't be) because the story is the movie and there was no definitive performance (you could make the strong argument for joe pesci tho).
  • BoldChild
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    Yeah, they should remake that 🤬 The Seeker movie, and stick with the original story from the book.

    Harry Potter stuck to the story and did just fine, but some reason film companies feel they have to drastically change the story of all ready popular series.
  • birdcallaveli
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    🤬 that noise, if i didnt want to watch the original, i damn sure wont waste my time on the remake. word to all 350 hulk reboots.
  • themadlionsfan
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    I wanna see a Terminator remake
    KNiGHTS Mr. Fifth Letter Your ConscienceMembers Posts: 4,435 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    They do it from time to time with the same result.

    Fright Night comes to mind. Don't remember it being hella popular with anyone but me.

    I would like to see a remake of The Last Dragon though. Don't know who would play Sho'nuff because Julius Carry is that role forever.
  • Neophyte Wolfgang
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    Fright Night is a cult classic. But alot of people never heard of it lol its a paradox.
  • Idiopathic Joker
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    Terminator is getting a reboot with Paul Walker
  • Neophyte Wolfgang
    Neophyte Wolfgang Members Posts: 4,169 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Paul Walker does look like a young Michael Beihn